21th UESI/BAMI-I Utility Investigation School

The 21th UESI/BAMI-I Utility Investigation School (UIS) addresses what project owners, designers, and constructors needs to know about utilities on their projects. The course is available as a two-day or five-day option.

The two-day school will explain the risks that existing utilities present on infrastructure projects of all kinds, and practices to help stakeholders mitigate and manage those risks. It will explain newly issued national engineering standards and how those standards are incorporated in state and federal infrastructure initiatives. If you own, manage, design, or build infrastructure projects, this 16-hour PDH Course is for you.

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The five-day school is designed to provide the licensed professional and their staff involved with utility investigations knowledge necessary for being in professional responsible charge of a utility investigation practice. If you practice in the realm of subsurface utility engineering, this 40-hr PDH school is for you.

The course director is Dr. Tom Iseley, professor of engineering practice at Purdue University. The course developer is Jim Anspach, affiliate assistant professor at Iowa State University.

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For information contact Saleh Behbahani, sbehbaha@purdue.edu or Leonard Ingram, leonard@engconco.com, or click here.