AWWA issues water audit challenge for World Water Day

running waterAt last week’s White House Water Summit in Washington, D.C., the American Water Works Association announced a challenge to its member water utilities and others across the globe to complete 1,000 water audits over the next two years using AWWA’s newest Water Audit Software.

Water audits allow utilities to become more efficient by showing how much water is lost through leaking distribution pipes and highlighting other potential concerns, such as faulty meters or billing problems. Understanding the scope of water loss within a water system sets the stage for introducing innovative and creative solutions.

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“A water audit is the first step to a successful water loss control program,” said AWWA CEO David LaFrance, who attended the White House event. “By accepting this challenge, utilities will demonstrate their commitment to efficient business practices and excellent stewardship of our most precious natural resource.”

The White House Water Summit, which took place on World Water Day, raises awareness of the national importance of water and highlights new commitments and announcements that the Obama Administration and non-federal institutions are making to build a sustainable water future.

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Utilities that participate in the AWWA challenge will be able to access the Association’s Water Loss Audit Software version 5.0, a free tool that was recently updated to support audits for water systems of all sizes. In addition to completing an audit, AWWA is challenging utilities to report their findings on AWWA’s website, to their governing boards, and to the customers they serve.

“All of us have a role in encouraging efficient use of water,” LaFrance said. “From those who manage water resources, to agricultural water users, to the utilities, to consumers, we can all take steps to use water efficiently and avoid waste.”

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Learn more about water loss control in the AWWA Water Loss Control Resource Community.