Barbco FlexBor Tooling Receives Patent

Barbco Inc. was granted U.S. Patent No. 10,900,286 B2 for the Barbco FlexBor tooling and technology on Jan. 26, 2021. This is a proud moment in this East Canton, Ohio, manufacturer’s storied 32-year history of driving the trenchless technology, horizontal boring, and underground manufacturing industries forward with world class capital equipment and cutting-edge technology.

The FlexBor is a cost-effective, environmentally safe trenchless method and tooling. The FlexBor is designed to virtually eliminate “frac-outs” and “inadvertent returns” that are often associated with horizontal directional drilling and the use of bentonite as a slip agent lubricant.

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The Patent Abstract reads: “An apparatus and method for drilling an underground borehole is presented, wherein pressurized air may be used to discharge out of the borehole cuttings created by a cutter head. A casing may be secured to the cutter head such that the cutter head and casing may be rotatable together as a unit. The casing may have a larger and smaller diameter sections. An auger may be disposed adjacent the front of the casing.”

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