Barbco’s Schmidt ‘Knighted’ as Squire of Hope

Thomas W. Schmidt, MBA, Operations Manager for Barbco Inc., has recently been inducted into the “League of Legendary Heroes” as a Squire of Hope by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

For the past three years, Schmidt has created and led very successful St. Baldrick’s Foundation Community Head Shaving Fund Raisers, first at Progressive Chevrolet in Massillon and this year at Barbco Inc.

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The formal proclamation reads as follows:

This brave and honorable hero has enthusiastically joined the fight against childhood cancers. Tom has successfully boosted funds and awareness for lifesaving research, while boldly standing in solidarity with kids who have cancer.

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For three years, Tom has displayed exemplary ideals and served as a sterling example to countless fellow volunteers. Tom has developed the skill and training necessary to continue as a dedicated conqueror of childhood cancers.

Now, therefore be it resolved, that Tom is hereby designated as a Squire of Hope in the distinguished League of Legendary Heroes in recognition of their diligent service on behalf of kids with cancer.

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All hail, Tom, Squire of Hope!

The prestigious proclamation was signed by Michael McCreesh, Chairman of the Board, and Kathleen Ruddy, Chief Executive Officer.

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