Caterpillar Extends Fuel Consumption and Parts Availability Guarantee Program


Caterpillar recently announced the extension and further expansion of its fuel consumption guarantee and a parts availability guarantee, both bundled with telematics solutions. This program, Cat Pays You Back, goes beyond the iron and supports the advances in product technology from Caterpillar. While Cat machines are proven leaders in fuel efficiency and reliability, many factors beyond the equipment can reduce these factors and increase operating costs. Caterpillar wants to help customers overcome these challenges with a special three-part purchase offer unlike any other in the industry.

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“Even at lower per gallon prices, fuel still represents up to 50 percent of our customers’ operating costs,” said Jason Hurdis, Senior Market Professional. “The Cat Pays You Back bundled solutions offer has been very successful in reducing our customers’ pain points with an aggressive fuel consumption guarantee, parts guarantee and benchmark fleet analysis. The good results have led to requests from our customers and dealers to extend the program beyond June 30, 2016. We have done just that and extended the solution to the end of the year — and we took it to the next level by including even more Caterpillar models.”

Caterpillar is the only manufacturer to guarantee fuel consumption rates for more than 160 new machines. The ongoing investment in research and development and the information we provide about the impact fuel has on operating costs, help empower customers to focus on the fundamentals. By targeting and advancing key factors within their daily operations, customers will be able to cut costs, increase productivity and get more work from every tank of fuel. And with this program, it’s easy for customers to work daily and await the telematics data to know if Caterpillar will indeed “pay them back.”

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Extended program duration:
July 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Purchase offer includes:
Fuel Consumption Guarantee
Cat EMSolutions Fleet Reports
Parts Availability Guarantee

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Eligibility requirements:
Purchase or lease of 160+ new Cat machines in the United States and Canada
Activation of Cat Product Link and VisionLink accounts Tags: