Caterpillar Oil & Gas Announces DGB Upgrade Kits for Diesel Engines

Caterpillar Oil & Gas offers Dynamic Gas Blending (DGB) upgrade kits to convert U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final diesel engines.  The upgrade kits are now available to convert  both ATAAC and SCAC configurations of the Cat 3512E Tier 4 Final diesel engines to the EPA-certified DGB configuration, at less than half the cost of a new engine.

“This new offering provides pressure pumpers with affordable access to game-changing technology that can replace diesel with natural gas, lower operating costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, all while living within tight capital constraints of today’s market,” said Jason Herlehy, Caterpillar Oil & Gas ESG product strategy lead.

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For customers looking to optimize their fuel cost savings, Caterpillar’s Dynamic Gas Blending technology is a viable solution that keeps displacement levels high and emissions levels low. With DGB, customers can operate a diesel engine partly using gaseous fuel, which is typically a less expensive alternative than diesel. Automatic incoming fuel quality adjustments allow DGB optimized engines to run on various fuels including field gas and CNG, enabling lower fuel expenses for customers. To receive an estimate of fuel consumption rates and potential savings, use Caterpillar’s DGB Fuel Cost Estimator.

“Upgrade kits provide the same benefits and quality of a new DGB optimized engine, at a lower cost including fully warranted parts and a kit warranty backed by the Cat dealer network,” said Brenna Geswein, Caterpillar new product introduction marketing manager for well service.

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Planning is essential for customers interested in upgrading their engines with the new kits, and Cat dealers have been fully trained and are ready to assist customers making the switch to DGB.

Contact a local Cat dealer today to learn more about this exclusive technology and the new upgrade kits, which are only available from Caterpillar.

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