Compact Excavator Showcase

CaseCase Construction Equipment
Case Construction Equipment’s CX55B minimum tail swing compact excavator provides notable lift capacity, digging force and operator comfort. With a large boom and arm for greater reach, the CX55B delivers 11,240 lbf of bucket digging force. Its 39.3-hp engine, operating weight of 12,295 lbs and dig depth of 12 ft, 10 in. give the CX55B enough size and power for tackling a variety of utility, commercial and residential construction applications. Plus, its compact size and cab height of 8 ft, 4 in. make the CX55B excavator as easy to trailer between jobsites as a skid steer. The full-size cab design is 10 percent larger and 7 in. wider than other Case B Series compact excavator cabs. A new slide-up front window improves air flow and helps the operator communicate more effectively with coworkers near the machine. Performance and productivity enhancements include standard proportional hydraulic controls in the joystick. The CX55B compact excavator is “thumb ready” with factory-installed hydraulics and an attachment bracket. For more information, visit

The all-new Gehl Z35 GEN:2 compact excavator includes multiple upgrades from the previous Z35 model. The new Z35 GEN:2 is equipped with a 23.9-hp electronically controlled Yanmar Tier 4-compliant diesel engine, which provides 20 percent less fuel consumption and features an electronic throttle for precise control. Two other important cost-saving features include ECO mode and auto deceleration. When activated, ECO mode will reduce the engine speed by 10 percent without sacrificing power. Utilizing ECO mode will save fuel when full speed is not necessary. Auto deceleration mode improves fuel economy, lowers noise levels and reduces emissions by reducing the engine speed to idle after 4 seconds without hydraulic movement. To address productivity, the controls on the Z35 GEN:2 have been improved to include a proportional auxiliary hydraulic rocker switch which vastly enhances attachment options, allowing the operator to adjust the flow for optimal attachment performance. The operator can easily select standard ISO or an optional backhoe control pattern with a turn of a mechanical lever. For more information, visit

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The ZX35U-5, ZX50U-5 and ZX60USB-5 are the newest compact excavators to join the Zaxis Dash-5 lineup by Hitachi. The three models tote a nimble, yet durable design that makes it easy for operators to squeeze in and out of small spaces. Key new features of the ZX60USB-5 and the series’ smaller models — the ZX35U-5 and ZX50U-5 — include: a Tier 4 Final (Tier 4f) solution; improved cab entry and visibility; improved serviceability; and reliability. The Dash-5 Series excavators feature a Yanmar engine that meets EPA Tier 4f emissions regulations. The updated door design provides improved visibility. The new door design also improves the size of the opening for entering the cab — a key improvement over the Dash-3 models. Improved access to the coolers gives operators the ability to more effectively clean the cooling cores. The Dash-5 series uses the same major components that have provided a high degree of reliability for the Dash-3 models. For more information, visit

Recently introduced to North America, JCB’s 8018 compact excavator offers contractors the power they need in a smaller design that works well in confined spaces. Powered by a 19-hp Perkins engine, the 8018 features a new fabricated box boom for a rugged and robust appearance. All dig-end hoses are routed through the inside of the boom, offering excellent protection when digging narrow trenches. The 8018 can excavate to a depth of 8 ft with a load-over height of 8.8 ft and a ground-level reach of 13.6 ft. The 8018’s expanding undercarriage reduces the amount of noise and vibration within the cab. Operators control tracking speed with a simple push-button switch conveniently mounted on the dozer lever for ultimate control. The dozer blade has been moved forward for better stability and operator visibility. The machine’s cab features a wide door for safer entry and exit. This cab also tilts to give access to the 8018’s engine, valve block, slew motor and rotary joint. For more information, visit

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John DeereJohn Deere
A smaller, nimbler cousin to John Deere’s G-Series excavators, the 35G is designed for rental, commercial/residential building, landscaping, underground and site development, and it offers a Tier 4f engine without the need for an after-treatment device. The 35G incorporates a 23-hp, Tier 4f diesel engine to power through any job. The 35G features auto-idle that slows engine speed when the pilot-control levers are momentarily released — for reduced fuel consumption and noise. To increase ease of use and safety, John Deere designed a new door for improved entry and visibility to the left hand side of the machine. The door design also widens the size of the opening for entering the cab. Within the operator station, a new multifunction monitor provides a coolant temperature and fuel gauge, clock, two trip meters, regeneration inhibit, auto shutdown control and machine hours, among the many functions. With a focus on improving uptime, a third service door was added to provide improved access to the cooling core for cleaning purposes. For more information, visit

The all-new Mustang zero tail swing excavators consist of five models: the 170Z, 270Z, 350Z NXT2, 450Z and 800Z. The machines are designed around a powerful and reliable Yanmar Tier 4 Interim engine to enhance engine performance and increase efficiency. The all-new excavators are true zero tail swing machines, allowing the machines to operate directly against a wall or other obstruction without causing damage to the structure or machine. The 270Z, 350Z NXT2, 450Z and 800Z excavators are equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler. This feature makes attachment changes as simple as flipping a switch. Plus, the pin grabber style hydraulic coupler works with the majority of excavator attachments, putting tools you already own to use. The hydraulic system on the all-new excavators incorporates two variable pumps and two gear pumps. The pump oil flows are combined and redirected where needed, allowing for simultaneous operation without loss of hydraulic power. An operator can save fuel when full performance is not necessary by using the Eco mode on the 800Z. For more information, visit

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Volvo Volvo
The Volvo EC20C sets new standards of quality and innovation as the smallest model in the Volvo line. The compact excavator is powered by a Tier 4-compliant, 16.2-hp diesel engine and sports a new cab and digging equipment design. The operator uses an electro-proportional fingertip control on the joystick for swing and offset movement at the same time. This enables the EC20C to deliver faster and more precise performance, while reducing operator fatigue. The attachment circuit and offset function foot controls have been replaced by the joystick button — providing operators with more leg and foot room. Maximum hydraulic oil flow for the first auxiliary circuit can be set to adjust the maximum speed of a tilting ditching bucket. The adjustment is easily made from the right-hand joystick using the proportional roller and maximum flow switch. Productivity is enhanced and fuel consumption lowered during traveling movements since travel speed automatically shifts from high to low according to the working load. This ensures optimum productivity and traction when operating over steep terrain or in difficult conditions. For more information, visit

Wacker Neuson Wacker Neuson
Wacker Neuson’s 3.5-ton compact excavator is now available with an angle blade designed for easier and more efficient backfilling. The 3503 with the angle blade option allows the operator to easily push material to the side of the excavator, making it perfect for backfilling applications. The angle function can be operated 25 degrees to the left or right and anywhere in between. The blade can also be lifted 15 in. above ground level and 20 in. below for added versatility. Operating the angle blade is easy with just a single lever that controls the vertical and angle blade functions. For added convenience, a marked indicator takes the guesswork out of returning the blade back to its normal working position. The 3503 boasts an economical, Yanmar 32-hp diesel engine and a maximum digging depth of 10 ft, 7 in. A canopy or heated cab option offer both comfort and visibility. The 3503 is available with either a standard or long dipper stick option for either maximum digging force or depth. For more information, visit

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Yanmar’s ViO35-6 zero tail swing excavator features an electronically controlled Tier 4 engine and evolved hydraulic system. It comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency. All of which means the new ViO35 can now deliver up to 20 percent less fuel consumption than previous models, without sacrificing any power. The new digital Smart Assist control system allows the operator to monitor up to three months of operational history. Because this system centralizes control of machine operation information and maintenance support information, it’s never been easier to maintain a timely, efficient service process. The standard hydraulic quick coupler makes changing buckets fast and easy. With the exception of fitting and removing the safety lock pin, the entire operation is performed electronically, while the operator remains seated in the comfort of the cab. The innovative design puts virtually every major component — engine, hydraulic system, starter, generator, battery — right at an operator’s fingertips. Because routine filter and grease fitting checks are easier and quicker, they can be performed more often, extending the life the machine. For more information, visit