Details on Hyundai’s new HL900 series wheel loaders, revealed at CONEXPO

At CONEXPO in Las Vegas, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas introduced the Hyundai HL975 and HL965 wheel loaders, the newest additions to its HL900 series of Tier 4 Final-compliant wheel loaders available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“The new HL975 wheel loader takes an important place in our wheel loader lineup,” said Juston Thompson, product specialist, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “It gives customers a more affordable alternative to larger loaders like the Hyundai HL980, and provides higher horsepower, larger bucket capacity and improved tipping load than the Hyundai HL970 model.”

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Hyundai HL975 at crusher

Powered by an all new Cummins QSG12 engine, producing 331 net hp (247 kW), and equipped with a standard 6.3 yd3 (4.8 m3) bucket, the HL975 wheel loader is well suited for digging and loading in quarries, gravel pits, surface coal mines and other high-production applications. The HL975 has a standard operating weight of 58,420 lb (26,500 kg) and a rated tipping load of 44,090 lb (20,000 kg).

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Similarly, the new Hyundai HL965 wheel loader fills a space in the product line between the HL960 and HL970 models. A 269-hp (198-kW) Cummins QSL9 engine powers the HL965, which is equipped with a standard 4.7 yd3 (3.6 m3) Hyundai bucket. The HL965 has a standard operating weight of 44,313 lb (20,100 kg) and a rated tipping load of 32,430 lb (14,710 kg).

Extended reach versions of both new models are available, designated as HL975XT and HL965XT. The extended reach models feature Hyundai’s newly redesigned longer lift arms that provide approximately 14 inches (355 mm) of additional dump height and reach.

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Both new models offer a standard drivetrain featuring ZF axles and transmissions. Both include Hyundai buckets constructed of wear-resistant AR400 steel and featuring Hyundai’s exclusive design that incorporates curved side plates and an enhanced spill guard to carry up to 5 percent more material than typical buckets.

Onboard weighing system is standard

All Hyundai HL900 series wheel loader models, including the HL965, HL975, HL940XT and HL960HD, include as standard equipment an onboard weighing system accurate to +/- 1 percent, with automatic and manual settings for monitoring individual and cumulative bucket load weights. System measurements are displayed on the multi-function LED screen in the operator’s cab, providing reliable load-weight monitoring to support efficient production management. While not precise enough for certified payload measurements, this system is considerably more accurate than typical onboard scales and can help in calculating productivity metrics.

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Convenience, serviceability and safety

Thompson said the new models also include all of the standard convenience features found on other HL900 series wheel loaders, including a large, quiet and comfortable cab, 7-in (178 mm) interactive touch-screen monitor, enhanced climate control, fully adjustable and heated air-ride seat, and centralized control switches for added convenience. An optional Smart Start ignition system for password- or Bluetooth key-enabled machine start is also available on the HL900 series machines.

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Ease of service is built into every Hyundai machine, including these new wheel loaders, which feature a tilt-back engine hood; easy ground-line access to remotely mounted filters; engine and transmission oil dipsticks; remote-mounted oil drains for engine and hydraulic oil, and centralized lubrication banks for quick servicing of hard-to-reach lube points.

Safety features include ergonomically positioned operator switches, controls and other features make it easier to quickly access critical functions. In addition, the touchscreen monitor includes a speed-limit control, and an improved rearview camera delivers higher resolution and enhanced nighttime visibility.

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