Digga North America Introduces MM-10K Anchor Drive

Digga NA

With a maximum theoretical output torque of 10,378 ft-lbs, the new Digga MM-10K anchor drive, manufactured by Iowa-based Digga North America, delivers powerful performance for increased overall productivity. The result of more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of planetary gearboxes and drives, the Digga MM-10K anchor drive is engineered for use on mini loaders, skid steers and excavators. The new planetary gearbox-driven anchor drives will work effectively on auxiliary flows of up to 18.5 gpm to accommodate the wide range of units on the market today, and comes complete with a unit-specific mounting plate for easy installation and set-up.

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The Model MM-10K drive is ideal for the tight overhead conditions of most helical piling applications, and was specifically designed for multiple applications where Dual Axis 4-way swing capabilities (FWD-REV-LFT-RGT) are required. Offering the 4-Way Swing design ensures that the exact job requirements will be achieved without purchasing more than is needed for the application.

In addition to the versatile design characteristics of this anchor drive unit, it carries an additional advantage as well. Digga’s MM-10K is covered by a warranty protection that is unsurpassed in the industry, with a 1-year warranty on the planetary gearbox, a 1-year warranty on the hydraulic motor, and lifetime shaft pull-out warranty for extra protection.

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