HDPE Pipe Electrofusion Guide Updated

The MAB Generic Electrofusion Procedure for Field Joining of 12 Inch and Smaller Polyethylene (PE) Pipe (MAB-01-2022) guide has been updated by the Municipal Advisory Board (MAB) and is available as a free download from the MAB website.

The updates focus on HDPE water piping systems that include new sections on Electrofusion, Safety and Cleaning; the new requirement to use a minimum of 90 percent isopropyl alcohol; new tables on peel depth and cooling times for couplers and saddle fittings; improved questions in the sample test; emphasis on the use of peelers (instead of scrapers) in most locations; plus, new inspection check lists have been added.

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MAB serves as an independent, non-commercial adviser to the Municipal & Industrial Division of the Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI), the major North American trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry.

The document provides the proper procedures, equipment, installers’ training, testing, inspection and qualification for electrofusing HDPE pipe up to 12 inches. For larger HDPE pipes, refer to MAB-2. In addition to joining HDPE pipe sections with couplers, the document provides a field guide for electrofusion of saddles.

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Click here for the link to download MAB-01-2022.

“The information in MAB-01-2022 is highly important to the successful installation of HDPE water piping systems,” stated Camille George Rubeiz, P.E., F. ASCE, co-chair, Municipal Advisory Board and senior director of engineering, Municipal and Industrial Division of PPI. “HDPE fused joints create leak-free, self-restraint, monolithic piping systems, and eliminates infiltration into the pipe as well as exfiltration into the environment.

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“This second edition contains more valuable contributions from the MAB Electrofusion Task Group. These updates have been reviewed and approved the members of the Municipal Advisory Board that included Jacob Nakanoof, City Utilities, Springfield, MO; Eric Shaffer, P.E., City of Duluth, MN; Andrew Schipper, P.E., City of Ft. Wayne, IN; Greg Scoby, P.E., formerly of the City of Palo Alto, CA and now with Crossbore Consultants, CA, Task Group Chair; Masa Niiya, P.E., MUD, Omaha, NE; David Freireich, P.E., City of Round Rock, TX and myself. Plus, we would like to acknowledge the electrofusion equipment and fittings manufacturers who contributed and endorsed MAB-01-2022.” Tags: