Growing NUCA’s Power

It is an honor to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for NUCA for this upcoming year. NUCA has played a big part in my life, my company, and my family. Being exposed to NUCA as a child left an impression and that made it an easy choice to become involved in the leadership of this association.


I’m very fortunate to be able to lead NUCA at this time. Our association has seen steady growth and strong financial performance the past few years. There is an energy in our membership that I haven’t seen in a long time and it shows in attendance at our events and meetings. At the Annual Convention, we saw a big increase in registrations, and I sat in on committee meetings that needed overflow seating. There is no better indicator in the direction of our association than the willingness of our members to be active and serve the association in committees.

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Past leadership has built the foundation for this success and it’s time to capitalize on it. NUCA is set for growth. We have benefits that make it possible to see savings well in excess of the cost of membership. It is now a poor business decision to NOT be a member of NUCA. When you pair those with the traditional benefits such as a strong network of chapters working on local issues, political advocacy, and networking opportunities, every company involved with utility and excavation construction should be members of NUCA.

I have laid out a series of goals dealing with membership growth for NUCA and its chapters to achieve over the next year. If we are going to achieve these goals, it will take a collaborative effort and we need every chapter to participate.

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To help with retention, NUCA is investing in resources to help our chapters train their members on our current tangible benefits to show our members the true value of their membership. We are also investing in resources to train our members to sell that value of membership as they work to grow their chapters and NUCA. We need the chapters to be the boots on the ground for this to work though. Our chapters have direct access to the members and know their markets better than NUCA. They can better coordinate the efforts locally to make this plan work.

I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish over the next year. We’ve seen growth near 10% the past two years, which is great for a trade association, but I know we can do better. There is power in numbers. Let’s grow those numbers to grow that power.

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Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Chairman and I will do everything I can to grow this association and improve our industry.

Sincerely yours,
Ryan Kinning, NUCA Chairman of the Board / Penro Construction Company

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