HammerHead Trenchless Equipment Celebrates 25th Year

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment HammerHead Trenchless Equipment is seeing silver in 2014.

Challenged to name a market-leading tool that got its start as a prototype built in the family garage, most people might list the personal computer. Ask a utility installer or pipe rehabilitation contractor the same question, and the answer might be in the back of the company truck. The HammerHead Mole, a pneumatic piercing tool that can install a new pipe with “smaller holes, fewer trenches,” was designed in 1989 by an earth-piercing tool owner and two design engineers with an entrepreneurial passion for making tools easier to use, simpler to service and more reliably productive.

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Now a market-leading manufacturer of underground pipe installation and rehabilitation solutions, HammerHead celebrated its 25th anniversary May 9.

“Expansion and diversification have been features of HammerHead since its founders Jon Haas, Rob Crane and Steve Wentworth built that first Mole in Haas’ garage,” said Brian Metcalf, CEO of HammerHead. “Because of that, HammerHead has experienced double-digit growth year after year, introducing entire new lines of trenchless-related technologies that give customers a complete array of solutions.”

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Metcalf said that 25 years later, with Ditch Witch as its official North American distributor, HammerHead now offers a full suite of solutions. “Customers can come to us with any project and we’ll help them either burst it, line it or shoot a new run with our mole. Or we can line them up with a local Ditch Witch dealer for vacuum excavation, directional drilling or open trenching.”

And according to Metcalf, the next 25 years is looking bright for HammerHead. “We’ll see significant growth from our core market segments, combined with new innovative solutions to meet customer needs at their jobsites worldwide.”

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