HammerHead’s West Coast CIPP Order Fulfillment Center Fully Operational

A new HammerHead Trenchless Order Fulfillment Center (OFC) located in Fresno, California, is now fully operational. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installers throughout the Western United States are receiving their orders for consumables faster.

“The Fresno OFC covers Montana directly south to New Mexico, and all states west, including Hawaii,” said Paul Waskow, HammerHead Inventory Control Manager. Waskow added that having this fully functional OFC has the potential to cut transit time in half for customers in this territory versus orders that ship from the factory in Lake Mills.

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“HammerHead’s Hawaiian customers will also experience a reduction in transit times up to five days, for orders that ship from the OFC,” Waskow said. Standard LTL transit times from the HammerHead factory can be up to 21 days for Hawaiian customers.

This is the fourth OFC providing services to HammerHead customers, joining two east coast OFC’s and a location in Canada. “Our factory is located in Wisconsin so having functional OFCs on each coast provides those customers with the ability to receive materials faster and allows for them to take spur of the moment jobs,” Waskow said.

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For those who prefer to collect their orders directly from the OFC facility, all OFCs also offer prescheduled pickup.

Waskow, said the OFC concept ensures reliable, quick delivery of consumables by shortening shipping routes. Shorter routes not only reduce time in route but also a shipment’s exposure to the potential for mid-route delays that can impact delivery time, such as weather.

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HammerHead customers served by the new Fresno OFC will not notice any change in their ordering experience. “Whether customers place their order at Hammerheadshop.com or with their sales representative, if the items are in stock at the Fresno OFC, the order will ship from there,” said Alan Goodman, HammerHead Sales Manager.

The Fresno location began operations in March 2023, starting with trial runs and increasing the size of loads. Waskow said the OFC is now fully operational and capable of meeting anticipated increases in product demand and accommodating HammerHead Trenchless installers overall.

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