HCSS Announces New Partnership with Miter to Help Contractors Build Strong Teams

HCSS, a leading provider of software helping heavy civil construction businesses streamline their operations, announces its new partnership with Miter, a cloud-based workforce management, HR, and payroll platform built for construction. Miter will integrate with HCSS HeavyJob, an HCSS software offering data-driven project management and time-tracking solutions in the field.

Through this collaboration, HCSS and Miter will help customers build better teams and solve their urgent human capital challenges. Together, Miter and HCSS will help contractors around the U.S. attract, hire, pay, and retain their workforce—all key challenge areas aimed at addressing today’s labor shortage.

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“We admire HCSS and their extraordinary customer focus,” says Connor Watumull, CEO at Miter. “We see this partnership as a huge win for contractors who want to modernize their back-office systems and attract, motivate, and retain a modern workforce.”

HCSS is a premier civil construction management company and shares market overlap with Miter’s customer base. Combining HeavyJob, HCSS’s time-tracking management solution, with Miter’s payroll and HR solution will streamline customers’ tedious manual payment processes. This will enable customers to easily track time on job sites and run payroll in seconds, not hours, by syncing all their HeavyJob time sheets with Miter. With the Miter and HCSS integration, customers will be able to automate certified payroll reporting and ensure direct and indirect job costs flow neatly into their ERP.

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“We really needed a company like Miter that understood both sides of the equation: construction payroll and certified payroll reporting,” says Rateb Almasri, Senior Product Manager at HCSS. “Miter helps contractors unlock valuable bandwidth to focus on growing their business, win more work, and hire a stronger team.”