HCSS Launches Management Consulting Team to Solve Complex Utility Industry Business Problems

HCSS’ new Management Consulting Team helps utilities and utility contractors improve and manage their operations by providing HCSS integrated software, data management, and business solutions tailored to the unique challenges and strategies of utilities.

HCSS, a trusted leader in estimating, project management, and fleet management software, has already worked with many large utilities and contractors to provide integrated data architecture, reporting, and advanced analytics. The company helps clients gain business insights with digital solutions to collect, track, and report on business-critical data, and improve efficiency and data-integrity through process digitization, automations, and integrations.

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The management consulting team will create tailored solutions that maximize ROI for even more utility industry clients using its combined 30+ years of relevant experience:

  • James Wolf is a certified cost engineering professional with extensive experience deploying technology to support capital projects and construction operations.
  • Michael Shore spent his professional career working directly with enterprise customers to modernize how they plan and deliver construction projects.
  • Phil Baranowski, HCSS’ Director of Enterprise Development, brings a diverse background in construction, consulting, capital program and portfolio management, and software implementation and governance.

HCSS integrates with broader IT environments to help facilitate long-term partnerships with its customers. To help customers eliminate duplicate data entry and leverage HCSS integrated software solutions to manage information directly from the field, HCSS works with ERPs including SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics. HCSS software is SOC 2 compliant and exceeds requirements related to information security, integration, and reporting.

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For more information about HCSS Enterprise management consulting practice and the integrated software solutions, visit https://www.hcss-enterprise.com/consulting/. Tags: