HCSS Teaches the Next Generation of Coders

HCSS Employees and Fulshear High School Teachers after a successful day of teaching and learning.

In honor of Computer Science Week in December, HCSS employees visited Fulshear High School in Fort Bend County, Texas, to teach classes that lay the foundation for computer science. These classes gave students a chance to get a quick overview of app development, hardware programming, and project management. Students learned how to apply these skills in both their career choices and everyday lives.

In the hardware class, students used coding to make an LED light blink. HCSS’ skilled employees talked students through the complex topic to make coding both easy and fun!

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Learning to code has transformed from a niche hobby to a highly useful career skill. There is strong demand for coding-related jobs, so learning the basic skills gives students career flexibility. Coding also teaches general problem solving and strategic thinking.

In the app development class, students used a computer simulation to develop and design their own app. Custom mobile apps are increasing in popularity, which means app development career paths are growing as well. HCSS’ 45-minute click-through tutorial helped students get a glimpse into what it means to design a mobile app from scratch.

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Lastly, the project management class allowed students to create their own movie posters with limited resources. No matter the industry, project managers are always in demand, with plenty of opportunities for advancement. The job teaches students to budget, delegate, and adapt to changing situations. Throughout this class, students were thrown curveballs and expected to change their project to accommodate the new circumstances.

Since 1986, HCSS has been developing software to help construction companies streamline their operations. HCSS is a NUCA Bronze National Partner.

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