KOBELCO Launches Next Generation SK260LC-11 Excavator

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA Inc. (KCMU) announced the launch of the all new SK260LC-11 to its line-up of industry leading construction machinery. This next generation -11 machine delivers superior performance, greater efficiency and more productivity.

Since the development of the first generation ‘SK’ series 25-ton KOBELCO excavator in 1983, this size class has grown in popularity due to its versatility in various general construction applications. Equipped with a new TIER IV Final Yanmar engine, the new SK260LC-11 delivers 194 NET HP and 577 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,500 rpm, which is a 23% increase in torque vs the previous model. With 42,000 lb. of bucket digging force, 63,300 lb.-ft. of swing torque, and 55,600 lb. of drawbar pulling force, the KOBELCO SK260LC-11 surpasses the competition with more digging and operating power. The new -11 series offers more standard features and overall added value than previous models.

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Smooth and steady operation while moving heavy objects across the jobsite is assured through the ‘Independent Travel’ function, which dedicates one hydraulic pump to travel and one to the attachment on a continuous basis. The machine’s 60,200 lb. operating weight provides increased stability and superior lifting capacity. And, like most KOBELCO heavy excavators, the SK260LC-11 has three work modes: Eco, S, and H mode for balancing between high performance, economy, and low fuel consumption. Heavy Lift and Power Boost (with unlimited time use) add the power needed to get through the toughest conditions, and the in-cab hydraulic pressure release function allows customers to change work tools or hoses easily and safely. The new SK260LC-11 also provides improved durability – many major components have been redesigned for improved durability and performance. For example, the machine’s side panels have been made thicker to enhance body rigidity, while the increased diameter of the bucket cylinder pin contributes to enhanced durability for using various work tools.

For those needing Machine Guidance options, the SK260LC-11 comes with pre-installed
mounting brackets for easier system installation without the need to weld and paint. These brackets are
designed to adapt to multiple brands of providers for both 2D and 3D systems.

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As part of KOBELCO’s PERFORMANCE BY DESIGN concept also seen on the SK75/85SR-7 and
SK130LC-11, the SK260LC-11’s cabin, ergonomics, and safety features are greatly enhanced. These
excavators also feature best-in-class cabin space and visibility. Standard features also include a 7-way
adjustable heated air suspension seat that moves together with the armrests and hydraulic controls.
This uniquely designed cabin reduces operator fatigue, provides excellent shock absorption, and
superior ride comfort. The operator’s pilot levers move horizontally without arching of the wrist, while
also providing shorter lever strokes to deliver a swifter, more precise movement. Air conditioning and
heater vents are directed towards the operator to maximize comfort. The right-side jog dial integrates
multiple functions into a single user interface with the large 10-inch color monitor. The easy-to-operate
menu screen facilitates reading of important information including work mode, maintenance intervals,
and fuel consumption, as well as providing a 270-degree view from the machine’s standard three
camera system. The hydraulic flow-rate modes of the bucket, breaker, nibbler, and rotating grapple are
also now fully adjustable by the operator through the monitor, and the mode settings for other
attachments, such as a tilt rotator, can also be easily added or changed. In addition, all internal switches
and dials in the cabin have LED backlighting to provide a bright, clear view in the dark. To top it off the
cabin is equipped with a FM/AM, AUX, Bluetooth, hands-free telephone radio, smartphone holder, USB
charger, and a 12V power outlet.

Easy maintenance is assured with a standard radiator clean-out screen that prevents larger
material from clogging the radiator cooling fins and can be easily removed for cleaning. A newly
structured hydraulic oil filter prevents foreign matter from entering the oil tank during maintenance,
and all filters are easy to access from ground level.

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For safety, a heavy-duty Level II overhead top guard is provided as standard and can be tilted
open for easy window cleaning. Additionally, rear swing flashers and rear work lights, a KOBELCO USA
exclusive, are integrated into the counterweight for added safety on busy jobsites. Seven LED lights (2
on boom, 2 on top front of the cab, 1 on right side body, and 2 facing rear on the counterweight) are
also now standard to provide additional visibility in low light conditions.

Monitoring the SK260LC-11’s work status remotely has also never been easier with KOMEXS
(KOBELCO Monitoring Excavator System). The machine’s operational information, such as hours, fuel
consumption, and maintenance status, can be obtained remotely. For added convenience and security,
an engine start alarm, e-fence, and current/past location history are also included – ideal for operators
of large fleets and multiple locations. To complement our added value package and commitment to
quality, the new SK260LC-11 has a standard 4 year/4,000 hr. full machine warranty with KOMEXS
included while covered by factory warranty. Additional extended warranty coverage terms are available.
Since 1930, we’ve built KOBELCO excavators to be leaders in the industry for quality, innovation,
and performance. The new SK260LC-11 is just one of the many new models KOBELCO is excited to bring
to the North American market in 2022/2023.

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