Meet Vermeer’s new D40x55DR S3 Navigator HDD at ICUEE 2017

At the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE), we chatted with Vermeer product manager Tod Michael about the company’s new D40x55DR S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill. View our walk-around above and read the about the features below.

New dual-rod drilling

The D40x55DR S3 delivers excellent productivity in broad range ground conditions, from hard, medium and soft rock to loamy/dirt and clay. This new rock drill features Vermeer dual rod technology that uses an inner rod to provide torque to the drill bit, while the outer rod offers steering capability and rotation torque for reaming. The combination provides powerful downhole cutting action and the flexibility to select the appropriate tooling to best match the ground conditions.

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Using a new dual drill rod design that simply and quickly makes up the inner and outer rod connections, the time and steps required to add or remove a rod on the D40x55DR S3 is cut by 30 percent compared to previous Vermeer models. A hollow inner rod design results in more air and drilling fluid flow to the drill head on pilot bores and the hole opener during pullback. The minimal restriction means contractors have more tooling options ranging from rotary, drag cutting and roller cone bits to an air hammer, as well as the ability to pull larger hole openers.

Powered by a 140 hp John Deere diesel engine, the Vermeer D40x55DR S3 serves up 40,000 lb (177.9 kN) of thrust/pullback and 5,500 ft-lb (7,457 Nm) of rotational torque. It can carry 500 feet of drill rods onboard. Also, with a carriage speed of 115 fpm (35 mpm), low guaranteed sound power rating of 104 dBA and similar controls and components to other Vermeer horizontal directional drills, the D40x55DR S3 shares the qualities the Vermeer S3 drill lineup is known for.

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Vermeer RH15 Rock Drill Head

The newest tooling option for Vermeer dual rod directional drills is the RH15 rock drill head. Developed in conjunction with the D40x55DR S3, the RH15 drill head can handle 1,500 ft-lb (2,033.7 Nm) of inner rod torque for pilot production. It is designed to give operators excellent steering control and sonde security using a proven roll pin lid. The RH15 rock drill head is affordably priced and can be rebuilt in the field, giving contractors an outstanding value for their investment.