Midstate Site Development Awarded Top Platinum Level of Utility Construction Industry Safety Program

NUCA STAR - Safety - Training Awareness - Recognition

Safety is a vital component of every utility construction jobsite and employee activity. The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is proud to announce that Midstate Site Development, LLC finished the NUCA STAR safety program. The company has completed the association’s new safety program enhancing and recognizing this critical aspect of utility construction.

NUCA’s STAR (Safety, Training, Awareness and Recognition) Program provides a venue for every company in the utility construction industry to measure the effectiveness of their safety programs and recognize how these important company programs can be improved.

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Midstate Site Development, LLC of Bloomfield, Connecticut, achieved the STAR Program’s top Platinum Level status. The company is both a NUCA National and a Utility Contractors Association of Connecticut (UCAC) member.

“Congratulations to Midstate and their safety team,” said Mike Flowers, NUCA’s director of safety, education, and training. “Our NUCA STAR winners show strong dedication to creating and managing world-class safety programs on their jobsites. Through their commitment to jobsite safety, their leadership ensures that their employees make it home safely when the working day is through.”

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“Midstate Site Development’s executive commitment to safety was clearly demonstrated in the documentation they submitted with their NUCA STAR application. Midstate has developed a top-notch safety program. Receiving the NUCA STAR Platinum Level rating is an exemplary accomplishment and Midstate continues to be a superb example of a company devoted to safety excellence,” concluded Flowers.

The STAR Program categories of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum allow companies to review their processes and evaluate their safety programs’ strengths and potential areas of improvement in the critical areas that provide a lasting path to safety success. Evaluation areas are Leadership, Records Management, Culture, and Procedures. Under these four core areas are subsections scored on a point system meeting specific guidelines that a company must meet for each category.

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Winners at all levels are chosen by the STAR review board based on their submissions following the STAR Program guidelines. The overall winner in the top Platinum category will be announced at the next NUCA Safety / Damage Prevention Conference, to be held in early 2025.

NUCA’s website (www.nuca.com/nucastar) contains detailed information on NUCA STAR Program guidelines, as well as the application process for NUCA members and non-members. The STAR Program was unveiled in 2022 during June’s Trench Safety Month and has already awarded several construction companies industry-wide recognition for their safety programs.

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All participants who attain one of the four levels of the STAR Program are recognized as companies who are sincere in their efforts to build effective programs and are to be commended for their participation in ensuring the safety of their employees.

The goal of this program is to help industry members master one of the most essential functions of a successful company—safety–and to help ensure industry employees stay healthy and safe while they build our nation’s vital core infrastructure projects. All industry members are encouraged to participate in NUCA STAR.

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Midstate has won two past NUCA National William H. Feather Safety Awards in 2014 and 2016, and several other industry safety awards since 2006, all recognizing the company’s commitment to maintaining a safe construction jobsite.

Midstate Site Development can be found on the Web at www.msdct.com.

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