NUCA Accepts Virginia Fire Services Award

NUCA in February was awarded the Governor’s 2018 Virginia Fire Services Award for Private Sector Excellence in Virginia Fire Services Support. Jim Stepahin, NUCA’s Director of Education and Training, accepted the award on behalf of the association at the 2019 Virginia Fire & Rescue Conference Feb. 20-24 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

NUCA contractors and associate members contributed free labor, materials and equipment to construct a concrete trench facility and a concrete confined space structure to benefit the Virginia Department of Fire Programs.

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The training facility is located at the Virginia Public Safety Training Center in Hanover, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond. The Virginia Public Safety Training Center is a 2,000-acre facility and is the permanent training facility for Virginia’s State Police, Department of Fire Programs’ Fire Service Training Center, Department of Health, Department of Emergency Management and many other Virginia public safety agencies. The Virginia Department of Fire Programs is the state agency committed to providing the highest level of professional development and statewide risk reduction efforts by conducting safety training for Virginia fire departments across the Commonwealth.

NUCA of Virginia contractor member W.C. Spratt of Fredericksburg, Virginia, agreed to provide concrete pipe and all labor and equipment for the installation of Phase 1 a confined space facility. NUCA of Virginia associate member Concrete Pipe and Precast of Ashland, Virginia, donated the concrete vaults, concrete tops, metal frames and covers, and some concrete pipe for the Phase 1 confined space facility. NUCA of Virginia member Virginia Public Works Equipment Company and United Rentals are also sponsoring the construction.

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“This is a perfect example of a public-private partnership,” said Michael Reilly, Executive Director of the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. “Without this partnership, the state-of-the-art training that firefighters now have the possibility of receiving would not be possible. The amount of time and money and effort put in has been extremely beneficial to the training of our firefighters, which will impact the lives of men and women in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

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