NUCA Adds 16 New CPT, CSE Instructors to Its Certified
Trainers List

NUCA's newly certified trainers

Congratulations to NUCA’s newly certified trainers, who recently completed NUCA’s two Instructor Training (also known as Train the Trainer) Courses: Excavation Safety and Competent Person Instructor Program (CPT) and Confined Space Entry Instructor Training Program (CSE). Each instructor has been trained to instruct company competent persons and workers. This program has been designed to simplify the task of designating a competent person by providing training to company employess and other participants and giving them the information and training needed to become a competent person.

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NUCA’s Confined Space in Construction Instructor Program was updated with requirements to ensure that instructors will be using the most current information for confined space entry. This instructor training program was developed to provide construction managers, competent persons and workers basic information regarding entry into confined spaces. Its purpose is to create an awareness of the hazards associated with confined spaces and to provide managers with basic information necessary to establish a confined space entry program.

To find NUCA trained and approved CPT and CSE, visit and click on the Safety Training Instructors Tab. Trainers are listed by state and are available across the country to train your employees or groups of employees. Many instructors are bilingual, which is indicated on their listing.

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