NUCA Announces New Member Benefit for 2023

Beginning in 2023, NUCA is introducing NUCA Assurance, the new group captive program available exclusively to NUCA members. NUCA Assurance is a construction-focused group captive program owned by NUCA members and offers a host of insurance benefits to business owners. It’s designed by insurance experts with construction backgrounds to deliver the claims control and risk-management to support smart business owners.

NUCA members are now able purchase workers’ compensation, general liability, auto liability and auto physical damage insurance through the NUCA Assurance program.

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“Members using NUCA Assurance are going to have more control over their insurance programs,” said Doug Carlson, NUCA Chief Executive Officer. “NUCA members participating in this program are eligible to receive distributions after three years. It’s a win-win for every NUCA member who signs up.”

Among the benefits to NUCA Assurance offers are:

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• An in-house dedicated claims team that works with business owners to give them more control over how claims are handled
• Pricing models that insulate businesses from unpredictable market fluctuations
• Devoted in-person and virtual risk-management programs to reduce risk and improve jobsite safety
• Group purchasing power for excess markets, contractor’s professional insurance, and pollution coverage
• Exclusive in-person and virtual meetings with other NUCA Assurance members, so business owners and other key employees can share best practices
• A low-cost program with Lytx and Samsara, which are industry-leaders dashboard-camera monitoring in fleet vehicles to provide clear insight to accident timelines
• Eligibility to receive surplus distributions after three years of members in NUCA

The result of NUCA Assurance’s approach is fewer reported claims, faster return-to-work scenarios, and increased margins for NUCA contractors. Contractors in similar programs have seen an average drop of 0.11 in their EMOSs through participation and utilization of captive programs and services.

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NUCA Assurance is managed by CIRCA Managers, a construction-focused, captive-management firm whose employees have more than 60 years of combined experience in construction underwriting and 40+ years’ combined experience in construction risk-control and claims.

An ideal NUCA Assurance candidate has an engaged leadership team, is financially sound, has been in business for at least five years, has a proven history that outperforms the industry loss averages, has a strong risk-control or safety program, and is committed to NUCA’s long-term goals. Every participant in the program is measured against pre-established, captive-specific best practices.

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Interested NUCA members can learn more and begin the application process by visiting online or by calling 802-341-NUCA.