NUCA Pipe Installation Training Programs Now Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10

Pipe Installation Traning CD

Contractors need to hire well-trained crews that can perform a variety of tasks on the job efficiently and safely. NUCA ’s Pipe Installation Training Series, now compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, was developed in conjunction with VISTA Training. The three CDs make it easy to schedule training when and where it’s most convenient and are ideal for smaller companies that may only need to train a handful of new crew members per year.

The Pipe Layer Installation Training covers the fundamentals of water and sewer pipe installation using modern equipment and technologies. These programs can help your crews to work together safely and productively. Each CD, which takes about 90 minutes to complete, focuses on how to productively and safely perform common tasks related to installation of all different types of pipe. At the end of each program CD, an integrated test provides trainers with an accurate measure of how much knowledge trainees have retained as well as training documentation for employers. Trainees are also able to print a certificate of completion, customized with their name and test score, as well as a report showing any incorrectly answered test questions.

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CD 1: Job Layout
This 60- to 90-minute program covers overall safety issues, jobsite layout, material handling and protecting the pipe installation.

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CD 2: Excavation, Trenching, Manholes and Backfilling
This interactive 60- to 90-minute program covers trenching, bedding, backfilling, dealing with manholes, dewatering and tie-ins.

CD 3: Working With Pipe
This 60- to 90-minute program covers general safety considerations, working with numerous types of pipe, including PVC, ductile iron, concrete, concrete pressure and polyethylene (PE) pipe.

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Stay Safe with NUCA’s Pocket Safety Guide

The NUCA Pocket Safety Guide was developed to put important safety information — general safety rules and jobsite hazards and how to avoid them — at your crew’s fingertips. The second edition manual has been updated to include revised sections and new chapters on chainsaw safety, lockout/tagout, refueling construction equipment and much more. This guide provides essential safety information to workers in the field and promotes safe working habits to ensure a safe jobsite.

Cost per book:
Members $5 (English), $3.50 (Spanish)
Non-members $7 (English), $5.50 (Spanish).
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