NUCA’s Most Wanted Campaign Attracts New Contractor Members

NUCA's Most Wanted membership campaign

Beginning October 10th and continuing through the end of 2022, the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) and its network of Chapter Organizations expanded on a new member recruiting tactic popular with some Chapters, the Most Wanted new member prospect list, and turned it into a nationwide new member campaign.

“My company uses NUCA benefits as much as we can. We track the savings and have found that our investment in NUCA dues comes back to us many times over each year”

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Ryan Kinning, Vice President of Penro Construction

NUCA Chapters identified their Most Wanted utility and related specialty contracting businesses, formed their posses, and, armed with “Old West” styled WANTED posters, were off in hot pursuit of their quarry with a great reason to “turn themselves in” and join the industry’s premier association: invest in your business’s future, reduce your business costs, and become part of the association’s growing clout for the industry. What resulted was a 34% year-over-year increase in new utility and specialty contracting company memberships during the campaign period!

“NUCA has a lot to deliver to a potential new member. My company uses NUCA benefits as much as we can. We track the savings and have found that our investment in NUCA dues comes back to us many times over each year” said Ryan Kinning, vice president of Penro Construction in Pender, Nebraska, and chairman of NUCA.

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George Hamilton is the NUCA Director of Membership Development

Nearly 75% of NUCA Chapters participated in the campaign and 11 Chapters were able to bring in at least one of their Most Wanted new member prospects. NUCA Chapters participating included:

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  • Northeast Region: UCA of Connecticut
  • Southeast Region: NUCA of the Carolinas, NUCA of North Florida, NUCA of South Florida, & Suncoast Utility Contractors Assn. (SUCA)
  • Central Region: Central & S.W. Virginia UCA, NUCA of East Tennessee, NUCA of Kentucky, NUCA of Middle Tennessee, NUCA of the MidSouth, and NUCA of Ohio
  • Midwest Region: NUCA Gulf Coast, NUCA of Greater Kansas City Region, NUCA of Iowa, NUCA of Nebraska, NUCA of North Texas, and NUCA of San Antonio
  • West Region: AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA, NUCA of Colorado, NUCA of Eastern Washington & North Idaho, NUCA of Las Vegas, and NUCA of Washington

NUCA Chapters that successfully brought in one or more of their Most Wanted prospects included:

  • AZUCA Arizona Chapter of NUCA
  • NUCA of the Carolinas
  • NUCA of Greater Kansas City Region
  • NUCA Gulf Coast
  • NUCA of Las Vegas
  • NUCA of Middle Tennessee
  • NUCA of North Texas
  • NUCA of Ohio
  • NUCA of San Antonio
  • NUCA of South Florida
  • Suncoast Utility Contractors Association (SUCA)

NUCA of North Texas and NUCA of South Florida tied for the highest percentage of their Most Wanted prospects brought in.

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The campaign coincided with the further enticement of NUCA’s annual 15 for 12 National dues promotion for new members, which offers up to 15 months of benefits for the price of 12 months dues. For more information about NUCA membership and our Chapters, visit Tags: ,