Oxford Plastics USA Names New Business Development Manager


Global leader in innovative construction and utility products Oxford Plastics, has taken on board a new Business Development Manager to grow its products in the USA. Mike Riley, based in Richmond, Virginia, will concentrate on U.S. operations as he spearheads efforts to grow the company’s presence in the Northeastern United States.

Riley brings over 16 years of industry experience and a proven track record of driving growth and innovation. His extensive background in logistics sales, collaboration with leading construction companies, and work with major service providers uniquely position him to lead Oxford Plastics’ strategic initiatives.

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At Oxford Plastics, Riley will focus on developing key markets, reducing lead times for product approvals, and establishing strong partnerships with major utilities and regional safety directors within the Department of Transportation (DOT).

His role will involve navigating the complex landscape of state and city-specific standards and regulations to expand Oxford Plastics’ market presence.

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Riley said: “Oxford Plastics offers innovative solutions, like the LowPro 23/05 composite road plate for streets and the LowPro 15/10 pedestrian trench cover, covering excavations up to 36 in., and available with ADA Ramps, addressing the prevalent issue of trips and falls.

“To navigate the complexities of state-specific requirements and approvals, I collaborate with DOTs, safety directors, and major utility sponsors. Each state and city has its unique needs and regulations, from increasing site safety both for workers and pedestrians to reducing the carbon footprint by cutting out the need for heavy lifting equipment and transport.

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“We’ve strategically positioned warehouses across the US, ensuring a 93% stock availability rate for our products. This local presence allows us to serve our American customers promptly. Working through distribution partners, we aim to build trust and mutually beneficial partnerships. By driving market demand, we create a win-win situation for both Oxford Plastics and our partners.”

Head of Oxford Plastics USA Peter Creighton said: “We are excited to welcome Mike to our team. His expertise and passion for innovation align perfectly with our commitment to providing high-quality solutions to the construction and utility industries. Mike’s deep understanding of the market and unique ability to bridge people, information, and services will be instrumental in our growth strategy.”

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Oxford Plastics USA operates four warehouses strategically located in South Carolina, Texas, California, and Rhode Island, ensuring efficient and reliable stock availability across the country.

Riley’s role will also involve collaborating with distribution partners to drive market demand and support Oxford Plastics’ mission to deliver innovative products to the construction and utility sectors.

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With a focus on reducing the environmental impact, noise levels, and providing a safer, lightweight product to increase productivity, Oxford Plastics offers versatile and innovative solutions for the construction and utility industries. The company’s flagship products, including the LowPro 23/05 composite road plate and the LowPro 15/10 pedestrian trench cover with ADA ramps, are gaining attention in the US market due to their safety, reliability, and eco-friendly features.

Currently, the Low Pro 15/10 has been signed off in New York City, Georgia State, Las Vegas, Chicago and Utilities Companies Con Edison, National Grid, People’s Gas, Pacific Gas 7 Electric and Atlanta Gas have also approved the product, with many more in the approval pipeline.

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Riley’s appointment marks a significant step in Oxford Plastics’ commitment to strengthening its position in the US construction and utility markets, offering products that enhance safety and efficiency while meeting rigorous industry standards.

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