Perkins Launches Diesel Engine Oil, Perkins Platinum Protection #bauma2016

Perkins EngineYou might think that engine oils are all the same. In fact, oil quality varies greatly. Lower quality oil has a shorter working life. Its impact on your engine will be higher fuel consumption and ultimately it will shorten your engine’s life.

Using a good quality oil is genuinely better for your engine, as it will maximize engine life, control emissions and reduce the cost of maintenance. The correct oil will give you significant benefits such as smoother running, longer engine life and better return on your investment.

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To address customer’s needs, Perkins recently launched a new diesel engine oil (DEO), the only oil formulated specifically to match the conditions in Perkins engines. Oil’s key role is to lubricate the engine and remove heat. With increasing emissions standards and demands for power efficiency, engine oil has to work harder than ever to protect your diesel engine. Ever more sophisticated engine design and demands for reduced emissions means smaller working tolerances inside the engine, so the quality and performance of the oil becomes more important.

The oil also reduces engine wear by preventing the build-up of deposits and sludge. With lower-quality engine oils, the levels and quality of additives can be significantly lower, dispersant levels may mean ash and deposits may not be kept in suspension, allowing them to stick to piston and rings. These deposits can attach to pistons and rings, causing cylinder wear, resulting in reduced performance, increased fuel consumption and potentially increased emissions.
Perkins’ custom formulation Perkins DEO has been formulated specifically for the long operating life, and performance of Perkins engines and draws on more than 28 years of experience from across the company’s wider business, thousands of hours in the field and many hundreds of hours testing.

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This unique engine oil is comprised of a mix of additives, designed specifically to prevent the build-up of conditions which can impair the oil performance, reduce operating life and potentially damage engine components

“We’ve created Perkins DEO to give you unbeatable protection and unrivaled engine performance and the results have been proven in elevated condition testing,” said Julian Wood, product marketing manager, service and maintenance products.

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Made up of three base oils that deliver the right viscosity across the working temperature ranges, Perkins DEO includes a combination of 12 beneficial additives, such as: Viscosity stabilizers to ensure a long and stable operating life; dispersants and detergents to prevent the build-up of sludge and ash; and anti-wear agents and friction modifiers to ensure good lubrication and prevent wear

A custom formulation specially designed to meet the needs of Perkins hard-working off-highway engines, the company approves and recommends Perkins DEO 15W-40 API CI-4 as the only oil to use in Perkins engines, EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3 equivalent and below.

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The formulation of Perkins DEO is unique to Perkins. Available in 20 or 208 liter quantities, Perkins DEO is available from your local Perkins distributor.

Perkins Platinum Protection

Perkins has re-launched its Extended Service Contracts as Perkins Platinum Protection. For more than 80 years, Perkins has invested time and knowledge into its products to ensure that every Perkins engine offers the quality, reliability and low cost of ownership customers have come to expect.

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To support its customers beyond the standard warranty period, Perkins launched Perkins Platinum Protection which covers up to five years, 15,000 hours and the repair and replacement of 100 percent of engine components.
The customer benefits of Perkins Platinum Protection are: cost-effective, comprehensive cover on up to 100 percent of your engine components; access to, and support from, the Perkins global network including its fully trained certified technicians; genuine parts that have been rated and tested specifically for your engine; no excess to pay — Perkins covers you in exactly the same way it covers you during its standard warranty period; and unbeatable value for money and inflation-free protection.

Perkins Platinum Protection must be purchased before the standard factory warranty expires.

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