Product Profiles: July/August

Engcon TiltrotatorsEngcon Tiltrotators

Engcon is developing its own tilt sensor for the market’s most common excavator guidance systems. Engcon is a leading manufacturer of tiltrotators – a kind of tilting and rotating quick coupler for excavators. The new tilt sensor will provide a clear interface, cheaper installation and facilitate support.

For years, Engcon tiltrotators from the EC209 and up have been compatible with the market’s major excavator guidance systems. Some of the manufacturers also offer an automatic tilt function. Engcon is now taking things further by developing its very own tilt sensor.

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“Our tiltrotators work extremely well with the market’s excavator guidance systems. The only unresolved issue was the actual interface – and we’re fixing that now with our own tilt sensor,” says Peter Huczkowsky, in charge of developing Engcon’s control systems and other electronics.

He says the interface is seamless now that Engcon provides all the technology from the tiltrotator, via the DC2 control system cabling in the cab to which the excavator guidance system is connected. Engcon expects the tilt sensor will be ready by the end of the year.

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BOREHEAD Pull Heads are revolutionizing the installation of underground PE pipe. The BOREHEAD’s patented design allows contractors to fuse the MJ adaptor above ground during the pipe fusion process. Simply bolt the BOREHEAD’s two-piece design around the already fused BOREHEAD brand MJ adaptor and pull the pipe into place for easy installation. No more lowering a fusion machine into the trench and placing technicians in danger zones. Speed and safety have never been easier to achieve than with the BOREHEAD. BOREHEAD is engineered reliability and has gone through rigorous testing. The robust BORHEAD design is engineered with a 3:1 safety factor ensuring that you can pull to the pipe manufacturer’s limits with full confidence knowing that the BOREHEAD brand MJ adaptor will remain undamaged and the BOREHEAD pull head will never fail pull after pull.

Efficiency Production Trench ShieldEfficiency Production Trench Shield

Efficiency Production, “America’s Trench Box Builder,” unveiled the newest innovation to its industry-leading Build-A-Box Modular Aluminum Trench Shielding System: a lightweight, aluminum Octagon Box.

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The Octagon Box is comprised of standard Build-A-Box aluminum panels, pinned in exclusive 135-degree angle vertical posts. The result is a safe, lightweight, “manhole shield” that is perfectly designed to shore tightly around odd-angled laterals and other manhole leads.

Features of the Build-A-Box Octagon Box include:

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  • Comprised of standard 2-ft tall Build-A-Box aluminum panels; from 2- to 5-ft lengths
  • Inside diameter space ranging from 61 to 148 in.
  • Provides eight different lateral pipe access points by leaving out 2-ft bottom panel

Because many precast utilities structures are round, not square, contractors frequently need to excavate more dirt than is necessary. With the Build-A-Box Octagon Box, excavation is reduced, saving time and money.

John Deere 850L DozerJohn Deere 850L Dozer

The new John Deere 850L Dozer boasts the productivity, reliability and durability customers expect in a production dozer. Updates include a larger displacement engine, increased operating weight, new operator station, and improvements to maximize reliability and durability. The 850L incorporates an EPA Final Tier 4 John Deere PSS 9.0L diesel engine that provides a 10% increase in horsepower. At 225 hp, the 850L has more horsepower than any dozer in its size class. Equipped with the popular Eco mode feature, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 20%, without sacrificing performance. Auto-idle and idle shutdown are standard, further minimizing fuel costs. Like all John Deere dozers, the 850L features a dual-path hydrostatic transmission with 13% larger pumps than the K-Series.

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The 850L is available the widest Power Angle Tilt (PAT) blade in its class. At 172-inches (4369 mm), the new blade increases productivity, especially in grading applications. All 850L configurations now utilize an eight-roller design with 130-inches (3302 mm) of track on ground, increasing productivity, stability, and gradeability.

Cat GRADE with 3DCat GRADE with 3D

The new Cat GRADE with 3D system for D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2 track-type tractors is an automated grade control system using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology to precisely position the machine’s blade, without operator input, from first rough cut to finish grade. For added utility, GRADE with 3D incorporates the Cat AccuGrade Ready Option, which allows use of universal-total-station and laser references for automated control. The new system assists operators of all skill levels achieve specified grades faster and more accurately, compared with conventional methods, while also reducing staking costs and saving rework expense, fuel, and machine hours. Cat GRADE with 3D is an optional system, installed at the factory and integrated into the design of the machine. The GNSS antennas are securely mounted on top of the cab, eliminating the need for mast-mounted antennas on the blade, along with related cables. GNSS receivers and a data radio are also neatly housed in the roof structure.

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Vermeer Directional DrillVermeer Directional Drill

The new Vermeer D23x30DR S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill (HDD) integrates dual rod technology into a compact machine design to efficiently maneuver through rock in congested cities, busy neighborhoods or tight jobsites. Featuring a class-leading narrow footprint and a weight of 16,500 lbs, the D23x30DR S3 is the lightest rock drill on the market and is well suited for fiber, electrical, gas and water installation in hard rock, as well as other challenging ground conditions.

The Vermeer Firestick drill rod dual system gives operators a 7% downhole steerability. The unit’s threaded outer rod has a rotational torque of 3,000 ft-lbs, while its hex inner rod delivers up to 800 ft-lbs. The D23x30DR S3 is powered by a Deutz TCD3.6L4 diesel engine and a thrust/pullback of 24,000 lbs. New rock tooling for the D23x30DR S3 helps further enhance its performance and productivity in rocky ground conditions. The Vermeer RH10 drill head provides responsive downhole steering with a two-degree bend located in its forward section.

Ox Equipment Rail Vacuum ExcavatorOx Equipment Rail Vacuum Excavator

Ox Equipment launched its latest innovation in the North American market to fulfill the need for powerful suction excavation in the rail industry – the MTS Dino Rail. Ox Equipment realized the opportunity to supply the rail industry with suction excavation equipment that mounts directly to the track system, and capitalized on its ability to dump on site, or immediately backfill. There are options currently on the market that can attach to locomotives and even other excavation equipment, but those iterations aren’t nearly as efficient when compared to the power of the Dino Suction Excavation Series.

New for 2019, the MTS Dino Rail is the latest innovation to the rail industry. The MTS Dino Rail is a standalone suction excavator with mounted hi-rail kit to allow it to enter any yard or access point and fit right to the track.

Komatsu Hydraulic ExcavatorKomatsu Hydraulic Excavator

Komatsu America Corp. introduces the PC290LCi-11 Tier 4 final emissions-certified hydraulic excavator. The PC290LCi-11 features intelligent Machine Control (iMC) which is based on Komatsu’s unique sensor package, including stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders, an IMU sensor, and GNSS antennas. This technology utilizes 3D design data loaded in the control box to accurately check its position against the target to semi-automatically limit over-excavation.

Features that make the PC290LCi-11 a unique hydraulic excavator include: Intelligent Machine Control Joysticks; Auto Grade Assist; Auto Stop Control; Minimum Distance Control; Facing Angle Compass; Realistic 3D Display; and Control Box.

Other performance features include: A 6.69 L, 196 hp, EPA Tier 4 Final, SAA6D107E-3 engine; and KOMTRAX level 5 technology feeds the operator machine data, such as fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels, Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), regeneration status, location, cautions and maintenance alert information. Tags: