Product Spotlight: Hi-Vac Corp. X-6 Hydro Excavator

X-VacFor more than 12 years, Hi-Vac Corp. has been manufacturing hydro-excavation equipment for use by contractors and municipalities. As the use of this equipment has grown, it has become a more important part of the Hi-Vac offering. It is no surprise that utility companies have embraced this technology as it has been proven safer than digging and does not require backhoes or other mechanical equipment that can damage underground utilities, piping systems and other critical infrastructure. Hi-Vac Corp.’s X-Vac line of hydro-excavation equipment is specifically designed to perform this function safely, effectively and efficiently.

Product Spotlight: X-6 Hydro Excavator

The X-6 Hydro Excavator uses a state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology to safely locate and expose any type or size of underground utilities. Soil, sand and rock are quickly and safely excavated. The risk of underground utility strikes is virtually eliminated. Precision engineering assures that air and water volumes can be independently controlled to provide the ideal mix for any application. The unit includes two polygraphite water tanks (570 gal total) with a 6-cu yd debris tank and a 2,450-cfm, 27-in. blower. The X-6 also includes a cyclone separator with enlarged collection chamber.

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“Anyone involved in or serving the utility industry is keenly aware of the cost involved with damaging natural gas pipelines, telecommunication lines and other buried utilities from mechanical excavating,” says Jim Carnathan, Manager of Ultra Vac and X-Vac Products. “That is why more and more contractors, municipalities and utility companies are purchasing hydro excavators. Quality of construction is key as choosing the right equipment will lead to fewer breakdowns of the equipment and less downtime on the project.”