Productivity made simple: Efficient, easy Operation is the Hallmark of the Cat® 325 MEDIUM EXCAVATOR

If you’re in the market for a medium excavator with a compact radius that makes it easy to move material all day with speed and precision, it’s time to take a closer look at the Cat® 325. Knowing how tough it can be to find and keep skilled operators, Caterpillar made ease of use and operator comfort top priorities in this next generation model. Here’s how:

Simplicity starts at startup

Just push a button, use the optional Bluetooth key fob or enter a unique Operator ID code to power up the Cat 325. The Operator ID function allows individual operators to program and store their preferred engine operating mode — Smart, ECO or Power — and joystick settings. The 325 automatically remembers selections every time the operator starts up the excavator, a potential time-saver at the beginning of each shift.


Fingertip functionality

The nerve center of the Cat 325 is the touchscreen monitor located within easy reach of the seat. Navigate quickly on the standard high-resolution 203 mm (8 in) touchscreen monitor, or with the optional 254 mm (10 in) touchscreen monitor (available on the Deluxe and Premium cabs only), or with the aid of the jog dial control.

In addition to displaying high-resolution views from the standard rear and right-side cameras, the monitor lets operators navigate their jobsite dashboard, productivity applications and the machine manual.

Taking the “hard” out of work

A machine’s cab is an operator’s office — sometimes for eight or more hours a day. That’s why the Cat 325 lets you choose between Comfort, Deluxe and Premium cabs – all with automatic climate control.

A touch of a button activates Cat Stick Steer — enabling one-hand travel and turns versus both hands or feet on levers or pedals. Add auxiliary relays to turn on a CB radio, beacon light or other systems without lifting a hand from the joysticks.

Helping hands inside the cab

The Cat 325 comes standard with several simple-to-use technologies to assist operators of all experience levels with digging, loading and grading.


Cat Grade with 2D indicates depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade, for the operator through the monitor. Cat Grade 2D Assist automates boom, stick and bucket movements for more accurate cuts. For added control, upgrade to Cat Grade 3D Single or Dual mast systems.

The 2D E-Fence prevents the excavator from moving outside of operator-defined set points; the system works with thumb and bucket combinations along with hammer, grapple and clamshell attachments. Also standard on the 325 is Cat Payload. It provides real-time, on-the-go weight estimates — no swinging required — to help achieve precise load targets and optimize cycle time.

Attachments made easy

Simple technology and operation extend to the Cat 325’s attachments. If you find yourself juggling multiple work tools, you’ll appreciate the ability to pair the excavator with the Cat Attachment Locator. Then you can use the 325’s onboard Bluetooth reader or the Cat App to find your gear automatically.


The optional work tool recognition feature can add even more convenience. Just shake the attached tool to confirm its identity, make sure all attachment settings are correct and get to work.

If you use a tiltrotator attachment for hard-to-reach work, any brand works seamlessly with the Cat 325 and Cat Grade and Payload technology. You don’t need to buy or install additional hardware for third-party models — just perform a simple calibration on the touchscreen monitor.

Compact radius, big versatility

The Cat 325 weighs in at 62,800 pounds and delivers 172 horsepower. It’s a step up from Cat small excavators, but its compact radius is designed to allow you to continue to work in tight spaces.

The 325’s speed and power are ideal for truck loading, and its stability lends itself to pipe-lifting, pipe-setting and other utility jobs. Add an auxiliary hydraulic pump and attachments like thumbs and hammers to clear sites, break up asphalt and concrete or tackle demolition work.

Now’s the time to buy

The premium performance of the Cat 325 is efficiency you don’t want to miss. It helps increase productivity with standard technology, and lifts more with a heavy counterweight. Schedule a demo or learn more about this medium excavator by reaching out to your local Cat dealer.

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