Top Jobs Awards: Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors (Excavation/Site Development)


Excavation/Site Development

Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.
Project: Celestina Phase 1

Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors was competitively selected as the sitework construction manager (CM) for Celestina Phase 1, a very unique approach for a private land developer. Its scope as CM was to select qualified, responsible bidders for each aspect of the project, draft bid documents, hold pre-bids and bid openings. The company met with the civil engineers, architects and environmental firms during the design phase to produce the best product for the best price, which included value engineering, addressing constructability issues and establishing budgets across each plan iteration. During construction, Petticoat-Schmitt managed all contractors, coordinated with the owners’ subcontractors, scheduled the project and held weekly progress meetings. Petticoat-Schmitt also acted as a contractor for two scopes of the project, while managing six other primary contractors, several of which were direct competitors.

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