Soil Connect Announces eRegulatory Module

Soil Connect — an innovative digital marketplace connecting those who have soil, aggregates and other building materials with those who need it — has announced eRegulatory; a new patent-pending regulatory module that eliminates paper tickets and automatically captures and saves essential truck, load and route data, allowing users to easily share with regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.

Packed with features that help business owners save time and administrative expenses, this new module marks the most recent expansion of Soil Connect’s growing digital marketplace.

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The eRegulatory module includes documentation settings for both clean fill and contaminated dirt, and turn-by-turn GPS tracking minimizes risk by providing an end-to-end record of the truck and material route. Paperless manifests save users time and money by reducing data entry and administrative costs—eliminating the need for printed manifest forms that can be lost, damaged or filled out incorrectly. Contactless e-signatures keep drivers safe while eliminating the inefficiencies of mailing traditional paper manifests for signatures.

eRegulatory also provides a digital database for all manifests, providing a record of all routes and deliveries all in one place. All of this information is captured automatically, making it easier than ever for contractors to share data for compliance with local regulatory bodies in a standard PDF format.

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“No one has ever done anything like this before,” said Cliff Fetner, founder and CEO of Soil Connect. “eRegulatory will ultimately help contractors save time and money—whether that’s through reduced administrative costs or risk mitigation. This is part of a rising tide of digital technology that is helping contractors and business owners protect their businesses, lower their insurance premiums, keep their people safe, and focus on getting the job done.”

“The continued expansion of the Soil Connect digital marketplace shows our commitment to our users, and our continued dedication to being the essential jobsite tool for everyone and anyone that plays in the dirt,” Fetner explains.

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eRegulatory is available to all Soil Connect users through the Soil Connect digital marketplace.

For more information on the Soil Connect digital marketplace, eTickets, eRegulatory and its expanding suite of services, visit

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