Subsite Electronics Introduces New HDD Beacons


Subsite Electronics, a Charles Machine Works Company, has introduced a new series of versatile, money-saving HDD Beacons: the 15T, 17T and 19T.

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“When it comes to HDD beacons, only one color will save you more green,” said John Bieberdorf, referring to the brand’s signature green color and the money-saving features of the company’s entire HDD beacon line. Bieberdorf, product manager for Subsite Electronic HDD guidance systems, said “only Subsite HDD beacons are repairable. We can replace the electronic module and have your beacon jobsite-ready for about half the cost of a new beacon. Operators who have ever ‘burned out’ a beacon will appreciate the cost savings.”

Repairability, however, is just one of the advantages Bieberdorf says the new beacons offer.

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“Our engineers designed these to be very versatile,” he says, “with multiple power levels and frequencies you can configure in the field. You can even go as low as 1.5 hertz for working around materials like metal rebar. In short, you can do more with one beacon.”

“Automatic tuning circuitry adjusts to match the housing you are using, our new BlueTooth module increases connectivity for more reliable performance, and higher-grade components increase our maximum operational temperature from 176°F to 221°F,” he added.

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Users will also notice a lack of the “on-off-on” operation they sometimes see in HDD beacons, due to redundant/boosted power supply circuitry.

The new series offers one-, three- and four-frequency beacons and 1.0% and 0.1% pitch beacons. 15-, 17- and 19-in. sizes are available.

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