Sunstate Equipment Taps Trench Market In Southwest

Arizona-based Sunstate Equipment Co. LLC announced it has signed an agreement to purchase the assets and ongoing operations of all Trench Shore Rentals and Trebor Shoring Rentals locations in Arizona, California and Texas, with an anticipated close date in early 2024.

Each company brings decades of expertise within the construction rental industry, sharing similar values, a commitment to excellent customer service, and people-first relationships that have earned both Sunstate and TSR a widely respected reputation of excellence.

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“The combination of two family-founded, Phoenix-based rental industry pioneers is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for both teams,” said Chris Watts, President and CEO of Sunstate Equipment. “Our companies share a long history of mutual respect, friendship, and shared values. By blending Sunstate’s deep knowledge of the general rental business with TSR’s expertise in underground shoring, we create new growth opportunities while developing more robust ways to serve our customers that work above and below ground.”

Sunstate has a proven record in the general rental space — dating back to 1977 — and it is no stranger to helping customers with excavation, shoring, and confined space safety. After entering the trench business in 2018, Sunstate now has thirteen dedicated trench locations in the Gulf, Southeast and Northwest as part of its overall rental network that spans sixteen states from coast to coast.

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“Today, there is no overlap in Sunstate Trench Division and TSR branch footprints,” Watts explained. “This expansion is a perfect fit, both to accelerate our national growth plan for our Trench Division, as well as our existing general equipment rental operations in these areas.”

TSR has grown over twenty years to become a trench shoring powerhouse in the Southwest and has helped drive and shape meaningful industry standards for shoring and excavation safety.

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“We are excited for the opportunities that will be available to our employees,” said Dana Woudenberg, CEO of Trench Shore Rentals / Trebor Shoring Rentals and founding member of North American Excavation Shoring Association (NAXSA).

TSR teams and locations will continue with normal operations, supplying the world-class customer service its customers know and trust.

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“Our team is looking forward to joining and contributing to Sunstate Equipment,” Woudenberg added. “Sunstate and TSR share values that will make the combined company a force in the trench shoring industry.”