Taking It to the Trench

Here, two NUCA members give helpful advice on trench shoring techniques and training, as well as a look into products ideal for utility construction and excavation work.

Efficiency ProductionEfficiency Production

Installation/Usage Advice: The proposed shoring or shielding equipment should address all concerns of the project including overhead obstructions. In most cases, options are available to utilize different rigging options to stay within OSHA standards regarding safe distances from overhead power lines and the like. The system should be designed to provide for safe working distance from overhead hazards during assembly, installation and removal of the shoring system.

Featured Product: Build-A-Box Sheeting Guide Frame
Efficiency Production’s new Build-A-Box Sheeting Guide Frame utilizes lightweight corrugated sheets of aluminum to shore closely around existing cross-trench utilities. The sheets can be installed by hand, and the guide frame panel integrates seamlessly into any Build-A-Box configured system. The result is a safe, maintained trench or pit that allows workers to access existing utilities. For more information, visit www.efficiencyproduction.com.

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Efficiency ProductionMabey Inc.

Training Tip: The right training services can make all the difference in keeping crews safe, but training can also help a contractor finish a job ahead of schedule and under budget. The smart strategy in excavation work is to get more than just steel for your shoring budget. Crews must be trained to use the equipment properly, and experienced technical help should be available when they need it. Working with the right, full-service shoring provider can help eliminate the human hazards of excavation work, and smart contractors are already reaping the benefits.

Featured Product: All-Weather Mabey Mats
Mabey Inc.’s matting system is the ideal
solution to create roadways or work areas strong enough for equipment to reach utility construction jobsites even with muddy or uneven surfaces. Each rugged mat is composed of high-strength, fully recyclable HDPE capable of supporting up to 600 lbs per square inch. These 8-ft x 14-ft mats create a 13-ft wide roadway and feature a unique interlocking system for strength and stability. The mats clean easily, do not absorb liquids and require little site preparation so they can easily go from one site to another. For more information, visit www.mabey.com.

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