Tenna Introduces its Management Product Suite


TENNA, a leading construction equipment management firm, recently released its construction Resource Management software. Resource Management includes advanced scheduling and dispatching functionality within Tenna’s total construction equipment management platform. This industry-specific solution is uniquely tailored for equipment and labor resource requesting, planning and dispatching in construction.

Tenna helps empower construction businesses to streamline their project and resource management operations even further alongside the existing functionality in the Tenna platform. With over a year of design and development time and supported by in-depth interviews with current customers, this product serves a key need for contractors in their equipment management processes and use cases.

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“We worked closely with several current customers to get their input and learn about their critical needs in a product like this,” says Jose Cueva, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Tenna. “That’s a key aspect that makes both Tenna and this product unique. As a dedicated partner, we considered our customers’ needs first-hand during our design and development to ensure we built features and functionality that provide a total solution to real construction dispatching and resource sharing use cases. We conducted over 125 hours of interviews with current customers to make this product a reality that would work for them as part of our commitment to their success and satisfaction.”

Tenna’s Resource Management product helps contractors by simplifying a key operational business need – supplying jobsites with mission-ready equipment and operators – making it easier to manage equipment through a single provider. It serves the need to request, plan and dispatch assets and labor resources while leveraging the real-time location, telematics alerts, maintenance needs, and other operational asset insights from Tenna. This allows contractors to make the best decisions around equipment planning in addition to efficiently approving and fulfilling project resource needs. Resource Management allows contractors to efficiently manage the sharing of equipment and laborer resources across project sites, departments and other locations like the maintenance shop, and allows the project team, dispatching personnel and labor resources to communicate efficiently with each other around equipment moves without picking up the phone.

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While some providers offer dispatching functionality as a separate, standalone product, Tenna’s resource management functionality is built within the greater Tenna platform, allowing users to leverage the rest of Tenna’s equipment management insights within their scheduling and dispatching workflows within a single system. Tags:

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