TigerTough Expands Product Line with UTV Seat Covers

TigerTough, a provider of durable vehicle seat covers geared toward blue-collar companies and individuals, has expanded its product line with Utility Terrain Vehicle (otherwise known as side-by-sides) seat covers.

The UTV market has seen significant growth, spurred by increasing interest in outdoor activities and utility work that demands durable, versatile vehicles. This expanding market highlighted a need for accessories that optimize use and longevity, particularly high-quality seat covers, to withstand the rigorous conditions these vehicles often face.

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TigerTough spent months conducting extensive market research and analysis in response to
this demand. Driven by these insights, TigerTough’s research and development team designed a new product line of seat covers for UTVs driven by individuals, companies, and municipalities.

Sheldon Zitzmann, TigerTough Marketing Director says, “Since we’ve been making seat covers for work trucks for over 30 years, it just makes sense to keep expanding our line of seat covers for more vehicles and equipment that are getting used and abused daily. We started covering law enforcement vehicles in 2016, construction equipment in 2022, and now side-by-sides. I’m excited to get these into service because when you look at industries where people are using their Ranger or Gator as a tool to do their work like construction, first responders, and rentals, the seats take a beating. We’ve had massive customer demand for these and now they’re finally available.”

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As of April 15, 2024, TigerTough will offer seat covers for Polaris, John Deere, and Bobcat UTV models on its website. The seat covers will be available in all standard colors, with new colors and patterns expected later this year.

For more information, visit the TigerTough website.

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