Top Jobs Water Distribution: Margate (Florida) Aerial Crossings

The crew learned how to assemble a stripping buggy

The crew learned how to assemble a stripping buggy that allowed them to safely access underneath the bridge to assemble the flanged pipe.

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Project Name: Margate Aerial Crossings
Category: Water Distribution
Contractor: Johnson-Davis Inc.
Project Owner: City of Margate
Location: Margate, Florida

Late in 2017, the City of Margate awarded the Aerial Crossing Replacement project to Johnson-Davis Inc. The job consisted of replacing old aerial crossing pipes on five different bridges within the City of Margate and one within the neighboring City of Coconut Creek. Eight different pipe crossings needed to be replaced due to age and outdated material.

The crossings were composed of flanged pipe that was either watermain or force main ranging from 6 to 12 in. in diameter. Careful measurement and understanding of site conditions were required to ensure the flanged pipe would be correctly built.

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Since the work was spread out, it had to be planned and constructed as six individual jobs. While moving between sites, Johnson-Davis was responsible to ensure proper MOT devices and detour signs were installed to alert residents of construction activities.

The original intent was to dedicate one crew to the project that would move from one site to another as each site was completed. Foreman Sergio D. Filipone and crew started working at the first location (Site 3) by replacing an old 8-in. asbestos watermain pipe at a small bridge.

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After completion of that site, Foreman Wisler Dort and his crew took over and mobilized to the second location (Site 10) where we needed to replace an old 10-in. asbestos aerial pipe still in service. This location had to be done with a lane closure on Margate Boulevard, one of the main arterial roads for the City of Margate. Several different site conditions and complications were found at this location, which affected the progress of construction. The City, Engineer (Chen Moore & Associates) and Johnson-Davis worked as expeditiously as possible to minimize impact to the project. Johnson-Davis subcontracted the restoration work to LiDonni Co. to properly address an intricate ADA sidewalk and asphalt restoration.

“We are fortunate to have business partners like LiDonni that tackle challenging projects for us when needed,” according to Robson Lima, project manager.

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Johnson-Davis moved next to the third location (Site 13) where crews replaced 6-in. watermain and 8-in. force main pipe on both sides of the bridge. At that site, a temporary force main bypass pipe had to be installed to maintain service to over 200 homes while the old pipe was removed and replaced with new pipe on the bridge.

Moving on to the fourth location (Site 11), Johnson-Davis had to access the existing 6-in. watermain pipe underneath the bridge. The crew learned how to assemble a stripping buggy that was rented from Hubbard Construction that allowed them to safely access underneath the bridge to assemble the flanged pipe.

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The fifth site (Site 18) was in the City of Coconut Creek where crews replaced an existing 6-in. force main and 10-in. watermain on either side of the bridge while keeping a two-lane, two-way road open with a flagging operation. At this site, Johnson-Davis also installed a temporary bypass pipe to re-route the sewer while building the new force main pipe.

Unforeseen conditions were found at this site, but the Engineer and City were quick to address the issues, thus minimizing impact to the work progress.

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Finally, Johnson-Davis’ sixth and final location (Site 7) was to replace a 12-in. aerial pipe at Atlantic Boulevard. This location also required work to be done inside a lane closure within a Broward County right of way. The contractor obtained a permit from the county, which was a six-month process.

replacing old aerial crossing pipes

The job consisted of replacing old aerial crossing pipes on five different bridges.

This location was also challenging due to an existing deflection on the pipe which was addressed with a flange by mechanical joint fitting. Nonetheless, Johnson-Davis performed the job within the estimated time.

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“Thanks go to Sergio D. Filipone, Wisler Dort and their crews for facing a very technical and intricate project compounded by unforeseen conditions, plan modifications, a new client and strict inspections with positive attitudes. We also appreciate Superintendent Joe Bagford’s expertise that was critical for the success of the project. Special thanks are extended to our suppliers Ferguson Enterprises and Acme Barricades and all others involved in the project’s success,” Lima said.

A total of eight different aerial pipe crossings on five different bridges needed to be replaced due to age and outdated material. The replacement of these aerial crossings provided the town and residents with proper water supply, water system redundancy, improved water quality, and reliable infrastructure for the next 30 years.

Paula Fonseca of Chen Moore & Associates wrote: “Chen Moore and Associates would like to congratulate Johnson-Davis Inc. for their performance and professionalism on planning and constructing the above-mentioned project for the City of Margate. The work was performed on a timely manner and unforeseen conditions were dealt fairly with the client. The work provided is a testament of your company dedication to provide its clients the product they deserve.”

Personnel – Johnson-Daivs: Foremen: Sergio D. Filipone, Wisler Dort; Superintendent: Joe Bagford; Project Manager: Robson Lima; Estimators: Scott Johnson, Bernie Vito; Chen Moore & Associates Engineer: Paula Fonseca.

Suppliers/Subcontractors: Ferguson Waterworks (watermain pipe); Acme Barricades (MOT supplier); Apogee Services (Survey), LiDonni Co. (Concrete and Asphalt Restoration); Simpson Environmental (Asbestos Abetment Removal and Disposal).

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