United Rentals Outlines Key Considerations for Earthmoving Equipment Maintenance

United Rentals Inc. (NYSE: URI), the industry’s largest construction and industrial equipment rental provider, also makes a wide range of used equipment available for purchase.

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, more than 140 United Rentals locations across North America will host a Spring Used Equipment sale, where customers can browse a robust fleet of quality used equipment. Originally sourced from top-tier manufacturers and just in time for earthmoving season, equipment available for purchase includes a wide range of options from backhoes and excavators to aerial equipment and tools. COVID-19 safety measures will be enforced.

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For more information on participating locations, visit the Used Equipment Page on the United Rentals website.

“We know companies are looking for ways to build fleet ahead of the busy season and purchasing well-maintained used equipment as a supplement to their rental strategy can be a cost-effective solution,” said Mike Durand, Senior Vice President, Sales and Western Division Operations at United Rentals. “So we wanted to add another large event in addition to our end of year sale.”

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For any used equipment, a maintenance strategy is essential for utility infrastructure projects. Based on more than 20 years of experience managing and maintaining the world’s largest fleet, United Rentals has shared the following advice to help companies maintain earthmoving equipment to increase uptime and prolong equipment performance.

  • Visually inspect equipment on a daily basis, preferably at the beginning of the day or before use to ensure the machine is ready to operate. Daily inspections flag issues early to avoid workflow problems and downtime.
  • Clean and remove debris at the end of each workday, focusing specifically on removing soil from exposed shafts and other moving parts.
  • Schedule routine mechanical inspections so wear and tear issues can be identified and mitigated before additional – and costly – repairs are needed. Be sure to check seals and ensure moving parts are functioning and well-lubricated.
  • Don’t forget the undercarriage. Perform a pre-operation inspection for excessive wear and tear or missing parts, and consider the tasks for the day to guide track tension adjustments. Be sure to clean daily.
  • Outsource equipment maintenance. Tap into resources and expertise of qualified partners to offset labor costs, ensure compliance and save both time and money. United Rentals offers maintenance and inspection. Learn more about the solution here.

United Rentals, the world’s largest construction and industrial equipment rental company, offers approximately 4,000 classes of equipment for rent at over 1,150 locations and online.

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