Vermeer VXT300 Truck-Mounted Vacuum Excavator

Vermeer has upgraded its truck-mounted vacuum excavator line with the new VXT300 truck vac. The VXT300 is outfitted with an 8-cubic-yard (6.1-m3) spoil tank, 6-inch (15.2-cm) dig tube and the ability to carry up to 800 gallons (3,028 L) of water so crews can maximize productivity on the job. It is one of the lightest truck vacs in its class and designed with a low overall height of just 11.5 feet (3.51 m) to efficiently transport spoils from the jobsite to the dumpsite.

According to Jake Jeffords, director of sales, marketing and global accounts at Vermeer MV Solutions, the VXT300 is the next generation of 8-cubic-yard (6.1-m3) truck vacs, replacing the VXT8 Mega vacuum excavator in the Vermeer line. “We’ve made several upgrades to this truck vac and updated the model number to better align with the rest of the Vermeer truck vac line,” he explained. “It’s a midsized PTO vacuum excavator for utility contractors working on projects where several holes need to be dug and for drilling crews using large volumes of drilling fluid. It is also a great fit for municipalities and contractors working on sites that only allow for soft digging methods, such as solar farms and data centers.”

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The Vermeer VXT300 is built on a Kenworth T370 truck chassis with a 350-horsepower (261-kW) diesel engine and a 6-speed automatic 3,000 RDS Allison transmission. The truck’s PTO drive powers its Roots 624 vacuum blower with a maximum flow of 3,500 cfm (99 m3/min) and maximum suction of 18 inHg (.6 bar). With a water pump capable of producing 10 gpm (37.9 L/min) at 3,000 psi (206.8 bar), the VXT300 delivers productivity on large jobs as well as when digging at deeper depths. In addition, this truck vac’s PTO drive system allows the vac to keep running while repositioning the truck between holes, rather than requiring full machine shutdown, for optimal efficiency on the job.

The control system on the VXT300 makes it possible to be operated by one person using a durable full-function belly-pack or handheld remote. The VXT300 also comes with a reverse flow option to assist with spoil offloading and clearing hose clogs.

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The spoil tank in the VXT300 has a cam-over hydraulic door and in-tank washout. Optional equipment includes winter packages with a 420k BTU water heater, as well as an onboard PTO-driven air compressor.

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