Vac-Tron Releases Safety Video on Exposing Utilities

Vacuum excavation is used worldwide and has quickly grown into the best method for safer digging. Vac-Tron Equipment is an industry leader in vacuum excavation and has worked tirelessly to gather industry research and data in order to make safety a priority.

Every six minutes an underground utility line is damaged and the growing trend to prevent these accidents is utilizing vacuum excavation. There are many instances when vacuum excavation is the safest and most productive option for digging compared to traditional excavation. Digging around lines using vacuum excavation is less intrusive to the surrounding dig site and provides a cleaner hole. It exposes the piping without abrasive force compared to a backhoe or shovel. Air or hydro vacuum excavation dramatically reduces the chance of a cut or break into the utility lines which helps with cost, safety, and time. A gas line strike with traditional excavation is one of the worst disasters a project can incur and happens too often.

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Vacuum excavation is a much safer alternative when digging around gas lines. The cost of damaging utilities can include environmental contamination, project delays, lost time and productivity and even more tragically, death.

Because vacuum excavation is so safe and precise, it is even being used for trench rescues due to the speed and safety of removing the soil from around a victim.

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