New Yanmar ViO80-7 and SV100-7 Mini Excavators

Yanmar Compact Equipment has introduced new generation ViO80 and SV100 mini excavators. The ViO80-7 and SV100-7 feature significant improvements to hydraulic efficiency, cab comfort, and ease of maintenance. The models are the largest in Yanmar’s mini excavator line and ideal for fleets and work in utility, construction, demolition and landscaping applications, to name a few.

“These machines are entirely redesigned with the operator and service departments in mind,” said Buck Storlie, Yanmar Compact Equipment North America product manager. “From more comfort and enhanced ergonomics to an open hood system that is incredibly efficient to work on, we’re confident operators will be thrilled with the new ViO80-7 and SV100-7’s performance and overall experience.”

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Performance & Experience

Operators will see the biggest differences from the previous models in the newly designed cabins. Each is built for comfort and operator experience. The upgraded space in each includes a new suspension seat, more foot space, ergonomic foot pedals and a wider cabin for easier entry and exit. Operators can survey the worksite more easily with increased cab glass area. Hot days are more tolerable with the included automatic air-conditioning, the cab is quieter and additional USB ports allow for convenient phone charging.

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Yanmar packed each model with greatly increased performance. The 18,122-pound ViO80-7 features 18 percent more power over its predecessor with its new 67-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The 21,385-pound SV100-7 includes a powerful 72-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. Both machines provide operators with increased attachment performance with 20 percent more PTO flow rate. The ViO80-7 achieves a maximum dig depth of 14 feet, 3 inches while the SV100-7 can reach 14 feet, 11 inches.

The ViO80-7 features Yanmar’s signature zero tail-swing; and the SV100-7 includes an ultra-tight tail-swing. The zero tail-swing design — an innovation pioneered by Yanmar — allows the excavator to rotate next to a structure with less risk of hitting it. The larger SV100-7’s ultra-tight tail swing has very little overhang. Both designs allow efficient work in tight jobsites that may be difficult for larger equipment.

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Contractors can get more done in less time with the redesigned ViO80-7 and SV100-7. Improved engine output and hydraulics allow for more productivity and greater attachment performance. Those same improvements also allow for a 15 percent increase in work speed, 13 percent lower fuel consumption rate and 25 percent increase in travel speed on slope.

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A new 2-Pump Load Sensing (2PLS) hydraulic system improves efficiency in both new models. The system increases pump flow rate under high loads to direct power where it’s needed and improve performance. Additionally, the system saves about 13 percent on fuel consumption as only the necessary amount of flow rate is utilized.

Operators can grade more effectively with the machines’ floating blade function for smoother operation.

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Yanmar’s ViO80-7 and SV100-7 include several new technologies over previous models. The new features improve operator productivity and ease of use. Operators can see relevant machine information and options at a glance on the new 7-inch color LCD display. Options include PTO flow rate adjustment, Auto-Decel mode, a new passcode lockout feature and more.

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Additionally, operators can easily see blind spots with the standard rearview and right-side cameras shown split screen on the display. An optional Surround View feature reduces blind spots further by showing a 360-degree view on the operator’s display. This can reduce the risk of accidents and help avoid damage when working in close contact with obstacles or walls.

The mini excavators both include Yanmar’s SmartAssist Remote telematics system. The technology is free for five years on qualifying machines. Using the integrated theft protection, the mini excavator’s owner can set a range from a specific location or a starting time, triggering SmartAssist Remote to send a notification if that range is exceeded. The telematics can also detect errors with electronic components and send notifications to service personnel and directly to Yanmar to streamline the diagnostic process. Additionally, the machine’s owner can view the operational status of the equipment in real time and view daily work reports that track use of the excavator, useful data that can improve jobsite productivity over time. Finally, SmartAssist Remote can track maintenance intervals and inspection items as well as notify the owner via email about upcoming maintenance requirements.


Contractors, fleets and operators have simpler maintenance and refueling access with the ViO80-7 and SV100-7. The new machines include an engine bay designed for maximum accessibility. The cabin hoods open quickly and put the generator, valves, radiator, oil-water separator and more right at maintenance personnel’s fingertips. A water contamination detection system takes reliability a step further.

The new standard double locking quick hitch is operable from inside the cab and allows operators to quickly change attachments without leaving the seat. The hydraulic double locking function assures secure and reliable attachment retention without the need for manual locks or fasteners.

The ViO80-7 and SV100-7 benefit from one of the industry’s best mini excavator warranties. Yanmar offers a 4-year/4,000-hour bucket-to-counterweight warranty — reinforcing its claim of industry-leading reliability.

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