2022 NUCA Safety Award Overall Winner: 2022 NUCA Safety Award 501,000 to 1,000,000 Manhours – MAC Construction & Excavating Inc.

MAC Construction & Excavating Inc.

SafetyWORKS is a regular column highlighting NUCA’s William H. Feather Safety Awards winners. If you would like to be considered for these prestigious NUCA awards in 2023, please submit your entry by the end of December 2023. Award details can be found at nuca.com/safetyawards.

It’s always a strong sign of a successful safety program when the company wins another NUCA Safety Award, and NUCA can safely write that MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc. of New Albany, Indiana, has one of the strongest safety programs in the nation.

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NUCA was proud to award in 2022 for the third consecutive year a William H. Feather Safety Award to MAC Construction. But what’s behind this repeat performance? I think it can be found in four very powerful words:

“Safety is a Decision.”

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This commanding phrase, “Safety is a Decision,” is the framework behind MAC’s excellent safety record over time, rooted in the 44-year-old company’s culture, core values, and beliefs. “This phrase naturally embodies the accountability MAC operates with every day, not only from a professional standpoint, but also personal,” wrote Neal Biggs, MAC’s EHS / Risk Director.

Safety is a core value at MAC, with the true belief that zero incidents are achievable and expected.
MAC is a second-generation, family-owned business providing site development and excavation services in the southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky, metro area.

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Their prior leadership blazed the trail for their employees by setting a high standard for safety in all of their operations. With ideal conduct on the jobsite and in their business demonstrated daily by MAC’s leadership, it allows for an easy buy-in from their employees across the company. This corporate safety culture encourages continuously raising the bar for safe and quality work on their jobsites.

Through their Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program, the company strives to eliminate job hazards. In return, the company’s leadership demands from their employees an equal and binding responsibility to the company, themselves, their fellow employees, the community, and their family to perform their tasks in a safe manner. The information contained in their company safety manual is expected to be known by all employees, and to apply all of its information when performing their jobs.

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MAC’s EHS education is compulsory, addressing education at employee orientation, continual onsite workforce training, and continuing education for employees, supervisors, and management. MAC utilizes specifically designed company training programs to educate our workforce. These programs are designed to address site-specific hazards such as fall protection, confined space, excavations and trench safety, management of traffic/flagging, First Aid/CPR, and manager development. These programs are offered at both the “User” and “Competent Person” level.

Their NUCA membership also offers key benefits and readily available safety resources to their company, enabling them better to manage and operate more efficiently across large and small tasks. Safety publications, personnel training, and the relationships established from their years of NUCA membership continue to aid the company’s safety protocols.

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“We believe our company has the upper hand by investing in our NUCA membership and being a part of a durable organization that cultivates leadership, growth, and success in the safest way possible,” said Biggs. The company employs a full-time, degreed safety director in Neal Biggs, who works daily with their 44 crew supervisors to manage their safety program, inspect jobsites, advise on excavations, and promote a safe working environment for all of its employees and subcontractors.

MAC Construction & Excavating Inc.

Safety training plays a major part in reinforcing their safety culture. All of their supervisory staff has attended a 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA Construction Outreach Program in the last three years, with 17 employees attending a NUCA Excavation Safety, Competent Person Training, or NUCA Confined Space Entry Training Program.

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MAC’s safety program earned the 501,000 to one-million manhours Safety Award in 2022 and another NUCA safety award the previous year, so they knew their program was delivering award-winning results. In 2022, the company had only one reportable accident for their OSHA 300 log.

MAC believes that this safety training starts early, even before their future employees are hired. At their local high school trade classes, they conducted safety training outreach for the students, donating PPE equipment and promoting driver safety training. They also conducted youth first aid and CPR classes at local events.

MAC wrote in their award application that their NUCA membership has provided many benefits which have helped MAC to grow and support their leadership’s vision of safety. Those resources help improve operational and safety management. “We firmly believe our company has the upper hand by investing in NUCA and being a part of an organization that strives to cultivate leadership, growth, and success with the greatest level of safety in mind,” as stated in their 2022 application. We couldn’t agree more with MAC.

Safety is an everyday part of MAC’s culture, both on and off the job. We salute their commitment to their employee and workplace safety and hope all NUCA members can learn from their example.

Robert Baylor is NUCA’s Director of Communications.

MAC Construction: Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Program

  • EHS policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated. These procedures are used to complete site-specific programs that address job hazards that are unique to each job site.
  • EHS policies require daily jobsite safety inspections by the site foreman and weekly audits by our EHS Director or staff.
  • Management safety meetings are held regularly such that safety issues are effectively communicated throughout the entire organization.
  • MAC performs root cause analysis for all near misses allowing us to communicate efficiently across all personnel such that it can be prevented in the future.
  • It is the responsibility of each level of supervision to ensure that his or her employees understand their role in the safety of the project.
  • Every employee of MAC has the authority to stop work should they observe a potential unsafe condition.

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