Doosan Introduces Its New DL220-5 Wheel Loader

Doosan Wheel LoaderDoosan recently introduced its Tier 4-compliant DL220-5 wheel loader — offering customers a durable, reliable and fuel-efficient machine with a 3-cubic-yard bucket capacity.

Replacing the DL220-3 model, the 160-horsepower DL220-5 provides the productivity and performance that operators have come to expect from Doosan wheel loaders. Doosan DL220-5 wheel loaders are driven by a powershift transmission. The fully automatic transmission — with three selectable transmission modes — utilizes a vehicle control unit (VCU), which means the engine’s computer and transmission control system constantly communicate with each other to reduce fuel consumption and increase performance.

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The DL220-5 wheel loader falls in the 150 to 175-hp size class, and is powered by a Doosan DL06 diesel engine without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The compact, maneuverable wheel loader is ideal for a variety of applications, such as commercial building, residential site development, road construction and maintenance, land improvement / water control, crop and livestock production, snow removal and scrap handling.

Like its predecessor, the DL220-5 is manufactured with a standard Z-bar lift-arm linkage, and is ideal for scooping, loading, carrying and general construction tasks. For operators requiring additional dumping capabilities, the DL220-5 is also available, for the first time in this model, with a new high-lift Z-bar configuration, extending the dump height 18 in. above the standard DL220-5. This configuration is ideal for loading material into high-sided trucks or high hoppers, building stockpiles or handling solid waste. Applications include livestock production facilities, cement plants, scrap and recycling centers, landscaping centers (loading mulch) or wastewater transfer stations.

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