Air-tow Trailers Releases E-16 XL

The E-16 XL is the largest enclosed trailer in the Air-tow line of ground-level loading trailers and comes preloaded with many features. Like all Air-tow Trailers, the E-16 XL will lower flat to the ground for safe loading and unloading.

A 10,000-lb capacity gives this trailer enough power to easily load and transport any type of equipment. It has a 75-in. deck width and a length of 15-ft, 9-in. The front end of the enclosure extends beyond the deck and creates a 15-in. shelf that adds an extra 36 cubic ft to work with.

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The extra storage space is easily accessible from inside and through a passenger side compartment door. The aerodynamic design of the front-end not only adds space, but reduces air resistance and increases gas mileage. This new design gives the E-16 XL a total of 838 cubic ft of storage space. Other standard features that set the E-16 XL apart include: a self-locking rollup door, 2 LED interior lights and a 3/8-in. plywood interior lining. This trailer is also very customizable with options for E-tracks, X-tracks, nose cone and many more accessories. For more information visit or call 800-479-7975.

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