An excavator built to tackle anything


Succeeding in the construction industry isn’t about doing one thing well. It’s about being able to do it all.

Tackling a variety of tasks. Working in a wide range of conditions. And doing it in a way that puts you ahead of deadlines and under budget.

The 350 P-Tier Excavator is built to help you accomplish that by putting more work within reach.

With rugged durability, impressive versatility, and smart technology, this mid-size model is made to help your operation do a bit of everything — from loading trucks and digging trenches to demolishing structures or placing pipe.

John Deere Excavator | John Deere 350 P-Tier Excavator


With a variety of features that increase visibility, the 350 P-Tier Excavator can help you see your jobsite in a new way and work more confidently.

Powerful LEDs cast a pool of illumination 270 degrees to the sides and rear of the machine, allowing operators to keep moving even in low-light conditions. That means extended production early in the morning as the sun rises and into the evening while it sets.

On top of that, optional right rear and left camera systems work together to give the operator 270-degree visibility around the machine. Everything caught on these cameras is visible to operators on the main monitor, providing a comprehensive view of their surroundings.


In this business, flexibility is paramount. It’s how you push forward and get ahead.

That’s a big reason why you need a machine built to do a variety of things.

The 350 P-Tier Excavator is designed to adapt, featuring an integrated hydraulic-coupler-ready option that allows customers to quickly and effortlessly change attachments.

The coupler boasts factory-installed hydraulic plumbing all the way to the end of the arm. Coupler controls are integrated with a switch in the cab. On top of that, installation is easy, and the machine is compatible with multiple coupler manufacturers.

John Deere Excavator


The 350 P-Tier Excavator can equipped with SmartGrade™ technology, a revolutionary advancement that allows for better results, fewer mistakes, less downtime, and increased productivity.

With SmartGrade, operators can quickly and confidently achieve grade — without having to perform manual grade checks. This tool allows operators to maintain set bucket angles for precise grading while focusing on machine position. It can also monitor elevation and slope information for any terrain.

All of this means fewer passes and less rework. And that adds up to a better bottom line.


The 350 P-Tier Excavator is made with dependable front-joint durability.

A grease point at the arm tip enables easy greasing. With better torque retention at the clamp, the likelihood of the front hydraulic pipes moving is reduced. And redesigned boom-foot bushings improve their durability.

This leads to better performance and improved durability, helping you enhance uptime and get your project across the finish line.


Completing the job is only part of the puzzle. Keeping your costs under control is also critical. The 350 P-Tier Excavator is designed to help you get the most out of your resources.

This machine is equipped with electronic cooling fans that can improve fuel economy by up to seven percent, saving both time and money.

At the end of the day, better fuel efficiency means less downtime and lower operating costs.

The 350 P-Tier is built to tackle a wide range of jobs and do it effectively and efficiently. Because in an industry that demands everything you have, you need a machine that can tackle anything you throw at it. 

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