Backhoe Loader Showcase

CaseCase Construction Equipment

The Case 580N, 580 Super N, 580 Super N Wide Track and 590 Super N backhoe loaders feature 3.4-liter, turbocharged engines, ranging from 78 hp in the 580N to 108 hp in the 590SN. The Tier 4i-certified engine — with EGR technology — burns cleaner while delivering superior horsepower, faster response and up to 4 percent better fuel efficiency under load. Other new standard N Series features include automatic Ride Control on four-wheel-drive models that engages at roading speeds to help reduce bucket spillage. Remote hydraulic test ports that allow easy, ground-level access for service diagnosis to keep the machine up and running, reducing the expense associated with downtime.

Case also has added a standard panel of dipper teeth on the bottom surface of the dipper, along with an optional extension/replacement pack that can expand the area of the dipper covered with serrated teeth. The dipper teeth enable the machine operator to secure unusually shaped or oversized pieces of debris or rock by pinning those objects against the dipper with the bottom of the bucket. The dipper teeth not only provide superior control of materials being moved, but they also protect the dipper from excessive wear. For more information, visit

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With Tier 4i models now in production, JCB’s 3CX and 4CX backhoe loader models come standard with the company’s highly-efficient Ecomax diesel engine, available in three power ratings to suit the needs of all backhoe loader users. The 3CX-14 comes with a 74-hp engine that delivers 295 lbf of torque, while consuming 5 percent less fuel than the previous 85-hp engine. The 3CX-14 Super features a 91-hp engine that is 9 percent more efficient than the previous 92-hp engine. The 3CX-15 Super, 3CX-17 Super and the 4CX Super offer a 109-hp engine delivering 380 lbf of torque and 2 percent better fuel consumption.

A variable flow hydraulic pump is standard on all models except the 3CX-14 — delivering 44 gpm of flow. This high-performance pump matches flow to demand, reducing fuel consumption. This system leads to lower lever efforts, reduced noise levels and rapid response to controls for up to 30 percent faster cycle times. JCB is also making a new hydraulic thumb attachment available on all 3CX and 4CX backhoe models, including those with an extending dipper. The hydraulic thumb delivers faster re-handling capabilities, and it can be used with or without a hydraulic quick hitch. For more information, visit

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John DeereJohn Deere

John Deere’s K-Series backhoe loaders consist of seven productive and efficient models (310K EP, 310K, 310SK, 310SK TC, 410K, 410K TC and 710K) that build on the success of the popular J-Series. Powered by a certified Tier 4i/Stage III B John Deere PowerTech engine, the K-Series comes equipped with a five-speed transmission that allows top speeds of 25 mph when roading. An optional AutoShift transmission enables smooth shifting and improves operator comfort by reducing the number of times the Transmission Control Lever (TCL) needs to be actuated during operation. A single loader lever with integrated electro-hydraulic (EH) auxiliary loader control eliminates the need for a second lever when using a multi-purpose bucket. In addition, a complete redesign of the cab ventilation now circulates cab air from front-to-back, directing airflow where operators need it the most.

Enhancements were also made to John Deere’s industry exclusive Total Machine Control (TMC) backhoes. Updates include a joystick redesign that gives operators even easier operation with equal lever efforts in all directions for smooth and productive operation, as well as improved swing control that allows for more precise trench work with less backhoe wag. For more information, visit

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The Kubota L45 TLB tractor-loader-backhoe features an HST Plus Transmission and the versatility of three machines in one — combining a strong, integrated loader and quick-attach backhoe with a Category I three-point hitch. With a slanted boom design and braceless frame for excellent visibility, the loader is designed with a lifting capacity of 2,200 lbs. The backhoe offers a 10-ft digging depth and backhoe crawling mode to re-position along trenches. Powered by a 45-hp Kubota diesel engine, the L45 TLB’s immense versatility is ideal for operators with professional results in mind.

Kubota’s high-performance, power utility M59 tractor is a 59-hp TLB designed to tackle jobs with power and strength. With four-wheel drive for power and stability, an integrated main frame and a heavy-duty rear axle for extended life and smooth stopping performance, the M59 has it all. The M59’s backhoe has a 12-ft digging depth and offers more power than Kubota’s previous TLB models, as well as a bucket digging force of more than 7,600 lbs. The M59 loader is both cost- and time-efficient, offering increased productivity and a lifting power of 3,960 lbs. For more information, visit

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Powered by an electronic, Tier 4i Perkins 1204E-E44TA  engine and an optional four-speed servo power synchro transmission with automatic shifting, the 94-hp Terex TLB840 backhoe loader is now available in North America. Engineered to excel in digging, reaching, lifting and loading applications, North American customers will notice the TLB840 boasts high torque, powerful performance, as well as strong climbing and digging capabilities. The Tier 4i-compliant engine on the TLB840 is designed with EGR technology, which is well-suited for lower horsepower engines operating in high-duty applications. The new Perkins Tier 4i EGR engines, like the one in the Terex TLB840, include a DPF and allow auto-idle to be incorporated in the machine.

The curved boom design on the TLB840 offers operators greater clearance to reach over obstacles and the ability to load closer into trucks for greater productivity. With a dig depth of 14 ft, 9 in. (extended to 18 ft, 1 in.) and a reach up of 18 ft, 9 in. (extended 21 ft, 11 in.), the TLB840 is designed with a slew system that provides high torque for easier backfilling and slewing uphill. For high-productivity trenching, this backhoe loader brags 7,958-lbf dipper tearout and 11,892-lbf bucket tearout forces. For more information, visit

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VolvoVolvo Construction Equipment

Backhoe loaders from Volvo Construction Equipment combine two machines in one perfectly formed unit. The B-Series unites a loader and backhoe in a marriage of equals. Employing high-quality materials throughout, the machine combines in a single, stable platform the strength and simplicity of a Volvo wheel loader with the power and performance of a Volvo excavator. With an average operating weight that ranges from 17,500 to 19,500 lbs, and gross power of 83 to 98 hp, the BL60B and BL70B are designed and built with power, strength, long life and cost-saving efficiency in mind.

The one-piece chassis, loader arm and excavator boom are all made from high-quality steel and robotically welded, giving precise, constant weld runs for structural integrity. The loader arm has a box-welded design and is reinforced with a cross tube. The larger excavator boom has a narrow, tall arch design that is inherently strong and uses a closed box-welded approach with fewer components and welds, for durability and performance. The boom allows excellent visibility into the trench, as well as enabling closer proximity to the truck for loading. The cast iron kingpost offers flexibility of movement and swing. For more information, visit 

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