Bear Hug Puts the Squeeze on PE

Reed Bearhug

Bear Hug™ from REED is a modular squeeze tool system for PE using hydraulic cylinders for an industry-leading 83,400 pounds of squeeze force. The pumps and base tool are rated for 10,000 psi. Based on job needs, choose from an air-over hydraulic pump or a manual hand pump to work with the base tool. Bear Hug features color-coded stops and a double bar configuration for most confident squeeze. In addition to more secure flow stoppage, a double point squeeze is safer as it lessens any chance of pipe damage. Bottom swing-out bar with latch allows for simple pipe enclosure. Compact and lightweight (for the industry) at 175 pounds, the Bear Hug can be lifted into position with its oversized U-bolt. The double-acting system is designed to squeeze and release with hydraulics – no more reliance on internal springs for retraction since those spring systems are more prone to wear over time.

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