Cemen Tech signs Beard Equipment Company as Authorized Dealer in Northern Florida

Cemen Tech has signed Beard Equipment Company as the exclusive dealer for Cemen Tech volumetric concrete mixers in northern Florida. Beard has focused its road building product inventory on paving and compaction equipment. Now, by partnering with Cemen Tech, the company is expanding its offerings to include concrete mixing technology to better serve contractors in Florida.

“We are focused on products that offer solutions to our customers by helping them grow their businesses and profitability. We believe Cemen Tech to be a great fit for our customers and will complement our John Deere construction and Wirtgen Group road building products,” said Drew DeLaney, President at Beard Equipment Company. “For more than 50 years, Cemen Tech has been the worldwide volumetric concrete leader due to their innovation and high-quality products. Their customer focus and support will ensure an excellent partnership with Beard Equipment.”

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Volumetric concrete mixers are known for the ability to increase concrete production efficiency and reduce waste by allowing concrete to be mixed on the job site for the exact quantity needed every time. As today’s construction projects become more specialized and the demand for contractors to be more nimble increases, Beard and Cemen Tech know there is a growing need for precision technology in concrete equipment like that of the C60.

“We partner with companies that value relationships with their customers and employees as much as we do at Cemen Tech,” said Connor Deering, CEO and President at Cemen Tech. “Beard operates with similar core values and has an excellent reputation in northern Florida. Through the best customer service and best volumetric concrete mixer in the market, I have no doubt contractors in their area will be able to confidently do more and grow their business.”

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