Brokk Partners with Vacuworx to Offer Vacuum Lifting Attachments

Brokk announces the addition of Vacuworx lifting attachments to its lineup in North America.

Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, announced the addition of two Vacuworx lifting attachments to its lineup in North America. The vacuum lifting systems, optimized for use with Brokk machines, are capable of attaching to and lifting concrete, granite, marble, metal, steel and other flat, non-porous materials. With the ability to lift up to 2 tonnes, the attachments share the safety- and efficiency-improving benefits of Brokk machines and increase the versatility of the robots.

“We strive to give our customers a multitude of ways to get more out of their machines. This is often achieved with the wide variety of attachments we offer. So, the Vacuworx system made perfect sense,” said Mike Martin, Brokk Inc. vice president of operations. “We’ve heard amazement from our customers over how simply the system works, while boosting productivity and providing a huge safety improvement over manual methods. The attachments have the potential to pay for themselves right on the job by speeding up the work.”

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Through Oklahoma-based Vacuworx, Brokk offers the PHD Portable Vacuum Lifting System and SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting System. Both systems feature wireless remote control and lightweight construction to maximize the lift capacity of the robot. They are fast and easy to attach with interchangeable pads to work with a variety of material sizes and weights. The PHD is powered by rechargeable LFP batteries and the SL 2 runs on the Brokk machine’s hydraulic system. The attachments pair perfectly with Brokk robots’ high lifting capacities. Operators can lift as much as 2,500 pounds with the PHD system and up to 4,400 pounds with the SL 2 system.

Just like Brokk machines, the vacuum lifting attachments improve safety and can save contractors time and money by reducing both the number of cuts and the number of people required. For example, a job may require concrete removal from an existing building for utility installation. Because it’s an interior job, the contractor may be limited in equipment size and therefore lifting capacity. As a result, crews may only be able to cut and remove 3×3-foot blocks of concrete at a time. In the same case, a Brokk could be paired with a Vacuworx attachment and allow the lifting of 3×6-foot blocks, resulting in half the necessary cuts. This saves time, diamond blade and labor costs. In addition, the contractor can bid the job more competitively, all resulting in the potential for a high ROI.

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