Case Unveils Tier 4 Final 521F Wheel Loader

CASE_521F_T4F_Wheel_LoaderCase Construction Equipment recently introduced the new 521F wheel loader that meets federal Tier 4 Final emissions standards using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. The new machine delivers best-in-class 131 net peak horsepower with an FPT Tier 4 Final-certified engine that also provides quick throttle response and impressive torque. The 22,948-lb wheel loader has a bucket breakout force of 19,303 lbs with 2.3-cu-yd bucket capacity.

The SCR technology allows the machine to handle inconsistent engine loads while running at peak performance without compromising power. This is accomplished with a faster throttle response and acceleration, all while maintaining lower exhaust temperatures and improving fuel efficiency.

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The Case for SCR

With SCR technology, the 521F Tier 4 Final wheel loader features 10 percent greater fuel economy over wheel loaders featuring CEGR-DPF solutions. Additional fuel savings are achieved with a standard auto-idle feature that helps minimize excessive fuel burn during operator inactivity by further lowering engine RPM. Standard auto shutdown then shuts down the engine after an operator-selected length of time to further preserve fuel. The SCR-only approach found on the new 521F also contributes to machine uptime by eliminating the need for manual diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration and the associated downtime that can occur with wheel loaders that use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) technology.

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As an after-treatment system with minimal components, there is also no need for recirculation equipment or a DPF for lower long-term maintenance costs. Additionally, SCR results in extended time between service intervals as lower ambient exhaust temperatures result in slower degradation of engine components and less demand on the coolant system.

With Productivity in Mind

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 Like the rest of the F series lineup, the 521F wheel loader incorporates powerful and quick hydraulics in addition to a host of features that further enhance machine efficiency and productivity. Among them are:

  • Standard limited-slip axles that provide excellent traction on slippery or uneven surfaces, with optional heavy-duty axles with locking front differential to reduce tire wear when operating on hard surfaces.
  • Available with standard Z-bar linkage for large operating loads; XR linkage for extended reach and dump clearance; and the tool-carrier XT linkage for maximum utility, excellent visibility and parallel lift.
  • A wide variety of tires, including snow tires.
  • Buckets available with the 521F feature the optional SmartFit bucket tooth system. These heavy-duty self-sharpening teeth combine strength and an unmatched ease of installation due to a hammerless fastener system with reusable locking pins.
  • An expanded selection of attachments, including new buckets, rotary brooms and forks.

 Optimal Comfort

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To provide total comfort and help boost the operator experience, the 521F wheel loader features the Case Quiet Cab, the largest cab in the industry. A dual air filtration system, optional heated air-ride seat and insulated cab mounts provide a clean, quiet operating environment while floor-to-ceiling windows, an improved lighting system and optional rearview camera provide excellent visibility all around the machine. The 521F also features an award-winning joystick steering option and an Advanced Instrument Cluster with four selectable power modes (Economy, Standard, Max and Auto) for precise, intuitive control.

Innovative Cooling and Easy Service

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 The 521F features the exclusive Case mid-mounted cooling system. Unlike stacked coolers on other machines that transfer hot air to the inner coolers, the Case cooling system is configured like a cube with all coolers facing fresh and cool ambient air. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the cooling system – and also makes it easier to clean.

Another benefit of the design is that it moves the engine lower and more to the rear of the wheel loader, which improves balance and access to critical daily service points. The 521F features ground-level fluid gauges and a tilt-up rear hood that provides complete engine access. The lower profile also allows for a sloped rear hood that further improves visibility to the back of the machine.

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 Protecting Your Investment

The 521F wheel loader is covered under Case ProCare – the industry’s first all-in-one heavy machine support program. ProCare includes a suite of product assurances that include a three-year Advanced Case SiteWatch telematics subscription, a three-year/3,000-hour full-machine factory warranty, and a three-year/3,000-hour planned maintenance contract. ProCare allows business owners to invest in new equipment while helping to make owning and operating costs predictable for the first three years of ownership.

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